Red-tailed Hawk In The High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Red-tailed Hawk of The High Desert of Oregon! If you visit here and see a Hawk, this might just be the Hawk you see first? You may see the Red-tailed Hawk in a topped Juniper as this one is. Why the topped Juniper trees? The Red-tailed Hawks are not small birds, […]

Bird of Prey Visitor

Previous Next Meet the Bird of Prey that showed up here to the house yesterday! I believe this to be a Coopers Hawk and not the Sharp Shinned Hawk. I believe this is the hawk who shows up from time to time to hunt our small piece of property. Eating on the song birds who […]

Fledgling Bald Eagle In The High Desert

Previous Next Meet this young Bald Eagle who lives at this time in the High Desert of Oregon! This youngster was photograph at a spot we like to go to. Being this time of the year this area was quiet of people. The dirt road was ….. well lets just say not sure how one […]

Golden Eagle Landing

Meet the biggest eagle we have in North America, the Golden Eagle! I photographed this Golden Eagle at a coyote kill in one of the most active places for such things, the nearest town of Post Oregon. This is another area where most of the land is farmed or ranched why so much wildlife activity. […]

Local Owl Resident in the High Desert of Oregon

Previous Next Meet one of our local owls on my walk here in our town! Quite interesting how I ran across this owl. This owl is a larger species of owl and a smaller bird had gotten my attention for the smaller bird was just throwing a fit. I just figured the small bird did […]

Eagle Being Attacked by Hawks

Previous Next Our town we have quite a few larger birds of prey, as the photograph taken above of the red tailed hawk which is one of a series of photographs of the bird eating. This short series of photographs is of a eagle being attacked by the local hawks on my walk one day. […]

Pair of Bald Eagles Waiting Their Turn in Central Oregon

Previous Next Our adventures start out usually early in the morning. I woke up late, yes I admit! I got up gosh at 4 am or something. Guy was already up and drinking his coffee. I only have to get myself and my camera ready. Guy has the truck, the dogs, our lunch and extra […]

Time Spent With A Wild Hawk

Previous Next I came upon this Hawk as I was coming back from a walk here in my town in the High Desert of Oregon. Figuring the hawk would fly off I started taking photographs of it rather quickly! We have the old , unused electrical poles that makes great perches for the large, medium […]

Adventure in the Canyon

Previous Next As some who follow along on twitter know, I headed out Sunday into the canyon. Typically Guy comes along however he had chores to do and took me the ten minutes away which takes me hours to walk. That cut down so much time just having him drive me to the side of […]

Long Eared Owl Oregon Wildlife Photos

Sunday came and we had to head to the dump like a lot of other people do at this time of the year. Our weekend started off like others week ends. Wondering what we were going to do other then chores around the house. Sunday came and we had to head to the dump like […]


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