I came upon this Hawk as I was coming back from a walk here in my town in the High Desert of Oregon. Figuring the hawk would fly off I started taking photographs of it rather quickly!

We have the old , unused electrical poles that makes great perches for the large, medium and small birds. The Red Tailed Hawk I say are medium sized birds. In compare to the eagles we have have they are medium!

This hawk just seamed to me as a young hawk? Seamed to me just because of its behavior. I started photographing “him”, so he new I was coming. This gets the birds or any of the wildlife I photograph used to the click of my camera.

As you can see the hawk really did not feel I was a threat! He is just chilling showing no signs of stress at all!

It did cross my mind that perhaps this hawk is hurt ? Perhaps this is why it is not flying off?? Or even acting as if I am a threat?? People do keep these hawks as pets…..

I did not see any wing tags or leg tags on him. So I guess he just does not see me as a threat?

When you actually get to see such a bird up close, personal like without being in a cage, without the bird being tied to something AND not on someones arm you really do see how beautiful these birds really are!

I was not waving my arms or doing anything that may make the bird fly. I get lots of photographs of the birds flying. I do not need to make anything fly. I did give the bird time to adjust his eyes to where I was below him. They do have very good eye site! AND on my walk I do scare things from their hiding spot not meaning to of course. In this part of our town there are many rabbits! So perhaps they like it when I take my walks and scare up such things?

In this shot you can clearly see this bird sees something? Diner perhaps??  I still feel something is going on with that one talon? Not as if the bird was going to fly down to me and let me check his talon out……

The shot above is where the bird is stretching . Then again he was doing this with his other talon just a bit ago. Just way to relaxed around me …. I am a threat , really I am!! HAHA!

After a while my arms were getting tired so I said fair well to my hawk friend and started on my way home again. The hawk did finally fly off in the direction he was paying attention to earlier when I got some distance away. I thought well that is just my luck haha, but like I said I have plenty of shots of them flying and who wants to stress out such a pretty bird with such a great personality as this one seamed to show me and us in these photographs that frankly I have so many more photographs it is not even funny!

Thank you for coming by and spending time with me and my photography!

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