What about me?

Nature nut with camera in hand

Hello, I'm Coralie (cor-a-lee)

Always have been involved in Wildlife – Nature. Folks who have known me through out my life find what I do now not a big surprise.  Natural sciences, the planet in which we live has always been my fascination! I am also a disabled American , the animals do not seam to mind! I do what I can with what I have been given.

My website is set up into section for your security .

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Each section may have different functions. All sections are set up for mobile users (wink wink, I try). 

I am always reading, listening applying changes to this site as to what folks are talking about to keep up with this new wonderful world of technology !

During this pandemic I sure hope you and yours have not been affected to drastically ! We asked one of the sons back home after healing from the virus. 

I got my certification in computer networking. I will add the certificate when that is I can find it. It is in that secrete spot ha

I have also gotten more into the gaming world. I do not do things in a small way, so I will share some of the gaming things I have been doing as of lately.

Fallout 4 Console Command Search Tool

The Sims 4

cPanel Professional Certificate

 The Nature Conservancy

Photographer's Forum Magazine

finalist cirtificate

Have done and seen a lot of neat things in my life, being on the set of the Unsolved Mystery Show about DB Cooper was one of the fun experiences I have had!

You may have noticed if you follow me on social media (twitter), I love the frogs we have here at the house! 

Some of you may here me talk of a exotic pet rescue – Well here are a couple of the tv spots back in the 1990’s

This all was a experience !

I love music, and I love the records I own. Of course now everything is digital …..Put this together years ago from my vinyl records –

I also put this one up of another vinyl record I own….. Like many folks I have a lot of vinyl records, some signed most are not but again everything is going digital now a days.

Mrsroadrunner Photography


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