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Nature nut with camera in hand

Hello, I'm Coralie (cor-a-lee)

I have always been interested in photography! As a little girl I recall the photo shoot, the hot lights , being dressed up and having to smile when I was told too – when I could not touch the camera and such, that is when I thought fine I will get my own some day!

Always have been involved in Wildlife – Nature. Folks who have known me through out my life find what I do now not a big surprise.  Natural sciences, the planet in which we live has always been my fascination! I am also a disabled American , the animals do not seam to mind! I do what I can with what I have been given.

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Each section may have different functions. All sections are set up for mobile users. I use a desktop gaming computer and need help from you mobile users to make this as mobile friendly as possible. Thank you to those who have helped in this adventure into the mobile friendly world ! I am always reading, listening applying changes to this site as to what folks are talking about to keep up with this new wonderful world of technology !

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Have done and seen a lot of neat things in my life, being on the set of the Unsolved Mystery Show about DB Cooper was one of the fun experiences I have had!

You may have noticed if you follow me on social media (twitter), I love the frogs we have here at the house!

Some of you may here me talk of a exotic pet rescue – Well here are a couple of the tv spots back in the 1990’s

This all was a experience !

I love music, and I love the records I own. Of course now everything is digital …..Put this together years ago from my vinyl records –

I also put this one up of another vinyl record I own….. Like many folks I have a lot of vinyl records, some signed most are not but again everything is going digital now a days.

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