Meet the biggest eagle we have in North America, the Golden Eagle!

I photographed this Golden Eagle at a coyote kill in one of the most active places for such things, the nearest town of Post Oregon. This is another area where most of the land is farmed or ranched why so much wildlife activity.

The Golden Eagle is landing just right for a photograph on a hill, why the talons are out, back feathers and wings spread. The Golden Eagle was screaming at me for it did not appreciate the interference at meal time.

Some folks do not know that the Eagle both the species found here the Golden Eagle and the Bald Eagles are scavengers. They will stop at any meal that has passed away even if they themselves have not killed the meal themselves. It is good to listen to the ravens that typically are very good at finding such things and calling in the others, if you listen, fallow the ravens ……. sometimes other creatures are there as well! Including the Eagles!

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