Meet one of our local owls on my walk here in our town!

Quite interesting how I ran across this owl. This owl is a larger species of owl and a smaller bird had gotten my attention for the smaller bird was just throwing a fit. I just figured the small bird did not appreciate my presents? This spot I have had a lot of action take place, from coyotes,to hearing and seeing the ZIP of a duck attempting to land before it saw me, walking up to a pheasant I did not see, mule deer,raccoons,all kinds of big and little birds… on and on.

I found out what the little bird was freaking out about! Perhaps the little bird felt this was his territory and the owl was not supposed to be there? I took a couple more steps looked eye level into the tree and BAM! There is this owl !

The owl really did not act like it was in any stress even though I was within gosh ten feet? I really think I was closer !

The owl was not high up in this tree at all. The bigger birds of prey regardless of what you think, they are to heavy to be perched on a small branch you find at the top of trees. I have photographs around here of a young red tail who was trying to land on the top of a tree, and these birds are just to heavy!!

This is why when I see photoshopped images of a larger bird who is somewhere where such a bird just can not be I shake my head…..

This owl was oh in the middle of this tree perched within the tree where the tree could handle his weight. Though I am saying him just because……could be a female.

We do have the long eared owl here, I have a series of shots of the long eared owl. Though because of the size of this owl I think it is a Great Horned Owl . We have all kinds of Birds of Prey here and this one seamed bigger and heavier then the long eared owls that I photographed. I could be wrong?

I turned my camera only because I felt I could! I was after all very close to this owl and had to pull back my lens and step back!

As you can see the owl is checking out the grove of the same species of tree’s on the other side of the pond. At the time of course I did not know what the owl was looking at or for.

This shot is when it was evident the bird had enough. The above photographs you see a more relaxed bird. Now you see the bird tensing , the ear feathers back, wings going up, the owls pupils bigger. The eyes are fixed on where the owl is going to go.

At this time I had to think quick if I wanted to follow the bird? Or do I have enough photographs? Sometimes these birds of prey allow me more photographs when I follow them giving them their space, while at other times they no longer want anything to do with me. It is a toss up.

Guy firmly believes that the critters I photograph know I do not get around so good. Guy claims the critters know I am harmless. Not so sure I am on board with this. Observing say caged birds and wild birds is not so different. The wild birds are wild. If this bird just came down from oh , say the Cascade Mountains from a remote location I doubt this owl would have put up with me for so long? Since this owl is basically in our town it sees people. It hears people. Heck for all I know this is one of the owls that hangs out in our tree’s?? This owl could have seen me around ?

I am also all by myself when I go for my walks. No dogs, no one else walks with me. The critters only have to put up with me. This is so much different then two or more people!! I do not wear stinky perfume, this way I do not insult the air. I move with intent, not just willy nilly. I do not have music playing, or a phone ringing. I feel this makes more sense then Guys theory.

This is my favorite shot of this bird I got. I do have a photograph I did not upload of this bird flying off. I just had the wrong lens on and could not get all of the owl into the frame. When I say we were close to each other I am not making that up! I was just at the right place at the right time.

The owl flew to a tree of the same species over the pond where I have been before, and I could have walked over there….. I just felt I took enough of this owls time. I am sure it watched me do my thing until I left the area?

Thank you for coming by and checking out my experience with a Wild Oregon Owl .


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