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Cultus Lake Oregon

06 Oct 2017

One thing to be sure of here in Oregon is? We do have magnificent views! Continue reading

Foxglove Hybrid Flower

13 Aug 2017

Meet this Foxglove Hybrid Flower! If you are new to my blogs, photographs you may not have seen this Hybrid in the past? We have had. Continue reading

Bird Of Prey List

Bird of Prey list. Photographs and information from Mrsroadrunner Photography. Continue reading


23 Jul 2017

Wildlife of Oregon Through this design update to these links will go directly to Mrsroadrunner Photography site.. Continue reading

Birds - Insect and Seed Eaters

Birds - Insect and Seed Eaters Through this design update of these links will go directly to Mrsroadrunner Photography. Continue reading

Hiking Mt Jefferson Wilderness Cascade Mountains…

17 Apr 2017

Welcome to my write up with my photography about hiking this trail up in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness ! Continue reading

New Oregon State Bird

09 Apr 2017

New Oregon State Bird For my lifetime as well as many of you the Western Meadowlark has been Oregon's state bird.Given the status. Continue reading

Buffalo In Oregon

30 Jul 2016

Some folks keep horses, others keep buffalo Continue reading

Mule Deer Doe and Fawns

Mule Deer is what you will commonly see here on this side of the Cascade Mountains here in Oregon. The Mule Deer are a big species. Continue reading

Baby Elk Calves Of The Ochoco Mountains

It is the time of the year to see the young wildlife! Continue reading

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