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Mrsroadrunner Photography

mrsroadrunner.com has been online since 2010! Lots of Photographs as well as Blog Articles have been published since the first day online! Photographs of The High Desert and Eastern Oregon!

HI THERE, welcome to my site

This is me Coralie. Or as some of you know me as, mrsroadrunner. I am a native here of Oregon,though most of the family is from Pennsylvania. I love my home state and hope you can see this in my photography.

My site has been up and going in one form or another since 2010. Lots of changes and such since then! Most of my photography is taken east of the Cascade Mountains. Even though Eugne Oregon is my home town where my fascination with living things was developed. I moved over here to this town in the High Desert 20 give or take years ago.

couple of my photos

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