Our town we have quite a few larger birds of prey, as the photograph taken above of the red tailed hawk which is one of a series of photographs of the bird eating.

This short series of photographs is of a eagle being attacked by the local hawks on my walk one day. I admit I heard the commotion before I actually seen anything AND the photographs are not anything that could be a stand alone photograph for they were a distance away.

Where the Eagle is perched and being attacked at is one of my stops on my walk. Many animals are photographed at this spot and the farmer is pretty neat guy and knows this! I had to get permission to be on the land to take these and the other photographs.

Even though I was on foot and no way I could do anything but stop and watch from where I was at I do believe the eagle is one of our Golden Eagles due to the head not being white. However, the eagle could have been a young Bald Eagle. We have both the Golden Eagle and the Bald Eagles here. The Golden Eagles are larger, more dark then white.

The photographs above is a Red Tailed hawk attacking. Their was two Red tails and at least one harrier involved in running what they must consider a threat to their hunting grounds off.

Lake Billy Chinook which I call the “canyon”, and the Warm Springs Eagle Watch is not very far away. The eagles fly through here stopping and some fly over the house to go east to other hunting grounds then back to the canyon.

I also notice quite a few folks do not realize that eagles are scavengers, they will eat road kill. Hence seeing eagles around this part of Oregon near roads. Or roads that are considered “back roads”, paved or not.

If you have ever been directly yelled at by the eagles, or heard the zip of the hawks diving at you and hearing them screaming at you – you can just imagine what I was hearing while this was going on! That is Mount Jefferson you see a little in the photograph to the right.

When I do not bring my telephoto lens is when I need it and when I bring it I dont need it….. dont figure!

This eagle was clearly not wanted here. To bad I did not start off earlier so I would be further along in my walk. Though I was just photographing a harrier hunting and they are very interesting to watch! Come to think of it this area did have a fire. After this fire which I am so bummed out about for it burned down a tree the harriers liked to land in, the owners of this land got a lot more pro active of who is on their land which they should be!

The ponds that are in this direction have fish in them, the Osprey hunt the fish on this farm at other times of the year.

By the time I get to that electrical pole the Eagle is on , typically everyone knows I am there! Thanks to the big mouth Magpies usually!! The scrub jays are big mouths as well. These two species of birds typically have to tell on me every dang time! The hawks both Red Tails and the Harriers typically do flybys which are not a huge deal for they keep their mouths shut at least ha! Red tail hawks typically do not come as low as the Harriers to check me out, however the Red Tail Hawks as the first photograph will show they tend to give me some nice photographs and do not take off on me when I do catch up to them perched somewhere. Harriers are just curious and since they hunt by hearing and by eye site they want to see what you are kicking up as you walk.

We also have the Ravens on my walk. Ravens are ravens and they have gotten pretty darn close to me as well! Though they are usually busy elsewhere and dont seam all that curious as to why I am taking my walk. There are barns, holding facilities to the left of this photograph that is on the rail line. Must be better things there for the Ravens to eat?

The owls are also found in those trees down there as well as the shorter trees that you can not see in the above shot anyhoo….. The Herons , raccoons , coyotes, rock chucks, mule deer, several species of ducks, lots of song birds, smaller birds and a lot more wildlife is in this area as well. The neighbors out here have seen me and either grin or wave. Unless I am directly on someones property…. and my camera is hard to hide. There is a road behind the trees and such in the photograph above. Just a dirt road, there really is a road haha!

I explained to Guy before where I would be using the road, I promised the farmer I would not have any vehicles or even my dogs with me while on their land. Just in case Guy ever needs to find me for some unknown reason or if I dont come home before night time come looking for me! I typically tell the son I am going here or there…..

I am a little closer at the point. There is a waterline road I take. Well road might be giving what that is to much credit? The farmer and his people use it for the waterline, the pump house…. just a grassy area they drive on when and if they need to get to this part of the farm.

Last time I was down here, new fences were being put in and some other work was being done for planting it looked like to me? The mule deer are a huge problem for the farmers to keep them out around here. Mule deer are pretty and all, but they eat EVERYTHING. Imagine a horse going through your garden you have in your backyard. Sure there is more land here that some of these farmers have but you get the point.

This is the last photographs I am going to show…. this went on and on. Finally the eagle took off to the east. Across hwy 97 where there is good hunting out that direction for the birds of prey. Come to think of it, there is a spot out there I like Guy to drive me too. Many companies have land in our area, with vacation homes or what not. Though some of these places I would love to see the inside of the homes , real nice! Anyhoo, one of these places has designated the land as wildlife habitat NO HUNTING allowed the signs say. The place I am thinking of, I have photographed several eagles there. Without trespassing. I give the owners kudos ! They do have a nice setup out there! Private airport strip and all, the wildlife really like that place! Meaning I like it too!!

Thank you for coming by and seeing what photographs I did get of this experience! Being on foot and all!

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