Meet this young Bald Eagle who lives at this time in the High Desert of Oregon!

This youngster was photograph at a spot we like to go to. Being this time of the year this area was quiet of people. The dirt road was ….. well lets just say not sure how one would even go on it without four wheel drive or a high wheel base? Maintaining roads all year around is expensive, and visitors just do not care to camp etc. in winter time. With this said, if you are going to visit our area in the winter time and go on these dirt roads just keep in mind this k! Stay on the pavement, it is safe. Why at 4am this morning I choose to have this as a blog post of the day? Well someone mentioned the Bald Eagles as we were chatting in twitter. The Bald Eagle has made a remarkable bounce back in numbers! Native wildlife is important and people need to pay more attention to what we have right here in our own backyards! Exotic wildlife is great and all, however if everyone on this planet would pay more attention to the special creatures in their own backyard I feel the critters would be better off, globally. As well as having these shots from gosh a couple weeks ago, the Warms Springs Eagle Watch just took place! I think the activity there on the Warm Springs land is something I support! Even though I or we do not care for crowds of people it is still a great learning activity for people of all ages to learn and perhaps see the Eagles in their natural environment? If you are so inclined places have been known to bring Eagles for folks to get a close up view and to take controlled photographs so you do not have to waste your time and gas finding them in the wild as I or we do.

This young Bald Eagle was doing more then just paying attention to us. The adults were, “talking”, back and forth with each other. One of the adults I got a series of shots of, while the other was further down the canyon where it is several miles hike into which was not in our plans of the day.

The youngsters behavior is interesting. As if the youngsters just dont know what to do. I  or we have run into many youngsters of different ages here and all of them show this behavior of sitting still. Older fledglings may fly, however I am not interested in freaking out these youngsters. I will get some shots of them and walk away. This is what I did with this one. You can see from the photographs the tree’s you will find these Bald Eagles in. Frankly, they stick out like a soar thumb at this time of the year. Actually, all year around! The Bald Eagles are not as big as the Golden Eagle. However I have seen some pretty big female Bald Eagles! Females being the larger of the two. I have a hard time with the Eagles at this stage of life. Several things I look for now a days when identifying the Bald Eagle fledglings. Any white that is not consistent with the Golden Eagle.

Even though I really do not like the shot above, the shot helps me with identifying the youngster. Though heck I am no expert! I just take photographs…..

I had to really look for the advertisement of the Eagle Watch, finally found it at The Cove Rattler , if you are interested in our area it really is something to check out. They write their blog from down the road about what else? The Cove! Go shoo check out their site! Keep in mind, every nook and cranny has a name! Everywhere I go again, has a name. I do not give the names of everywhere I get my photographs. However if you do check out their site and you keep up with my photography you may just see familiar areas that will dawn on you, so that is where she got that photograph! Thank you for coming by and checking out my photographs and my blog! Today is a interesting day for we have to be in Bend later on….. So I will be around on the computer, until I am not! Hope you have a great Monday!


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