Dragonfly of the High Desert of Oregon

Previous Next Meet the Dragonfly of our home here in the High Desert of Oregon. Hope you all had a good weekend? We got some things that needed done , done in the garden. Now it is time to start putting out the seeds for the future flowers and the visitors to our garden! Many […]

Yellow-Rumped Warbler Bird

Previous Next This Warbler stopped in to check out what was here to eat and to get a drink. He did notice that someone was watching him, and the click of the camera usually gets my subjects attention. They are not sure what that clicking is ! Up in the tree looking down on me […]

Iris Flowers In My Garden

Previous Next Meet the Bearded Iris Flowers. Most of our Bearded Iris Flowers are the “Tall” species. We have had these  Bearded Iris flowers so long we have forgot their names. Yes flowers actually have names the breeders give them ha! In 2015 we will have a dozen or so more colors of the Bearded […]

Cedar Waxwing Bird in the High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Cedar Waxwing! A very pretty bird in my opinion and when a flock of these fruit loving birds show up they have a very distinctive call! They sometimes arrive in good sized flocks of a dozen or more to the fruit trees! The Cedar Waxwings seam to like our honeysuckle we […]

Pheasant At My Garden

Previous Next Meet the Pheasant, a common game bird who is found in Oregon as well as many states here in the USA. I believed I made a post about this Pheasant, however guess I just spoke about him in social media not making a blog post about him at all! This Pheasant was living […]

Coyote Approaching in the High Desert

Previous Next Meet the common Coyote ! One thing our area is known for is the Coyote. A wild dog that is not a big dog, though not a small dog either. When heading off from the house I typically tell the son where I am going, or as my parents taught me to do […]

Life Of The Gray Hairstreak Butterfly

Previous Next Meet the Gray Hairstreak Butterfly. If you have not been to my blog, or new to my blog then this butterfly is new to you. If you are a long time visitor to my photography and/or blog then this butterfly you should already know. The Gray Hairstreak Butterfly showed up here to the […]

European Hornet

Previous Next Meet the European Hornet! Rather big , flashy insect visiting my Foxglove Flowers. This is the first time I had noticed this visitor here at the house, or anywhere! The first three photographs are cropped. I was not sure what I was dealing with so gave this bee plenty of room! The series […]

Flight of The Bumble Bee

Previous Next Meet one of my visitors! I have shown other photographs gotten of what I call a bumblebee. This little series of shots taken in June of 2014 are on one of my many Lupine Flowers. My observation of everything around me began as a child as many peoples had. I just never stopped. […]

Hoverfly a Beneficial Insect

Previous Next Meet the Hoverfly! In the last four years of writing about my photography you may have seen several posts about the Hoverfly? The family of the Hoverfly is a pretty large family. I welcome the Hoverfly to our garden at least this species ( Scaeva pyrastri (?) to be technical), they are a […]


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