Meet the Pheasant, a common game bird who is found in Oregon as well as many states here in the USA.

I believed I made a post about this Pheasant, however guess I just spoke about him in social media not making a blog post about him at all!

This Pheasant was living across the street on a farmers property who I know likes to see wildlife on his property. The Pheasant was coming over here to find things to eat in our garden, walking on our walking path that is one of the ONLY patches of grass we have butting up to the neighbor property.

We used to hear this Pheasant and of course see him over here. A couple factors as to why we no longer see him, hear him anymore? Main factor might be that he did not survive hunting season? If this Pheasant will come around me, he would come around someone with a gun in their hand. Heck, he could have been raised by irresponsible people who set him “free” ? People do such things, ending in death for the creature they raise to set free. If it were part of a state program to introduce more of the birds into the area there would be more Pheasants. Or I would think…..

Another factor might be, one of the coyotes, hawks or other wildlife got a hold of him? Even someones roaming pet?? We do have more activity going on in this town, perhaps with so much people moving about the bird thought it was a good time to move on? Whatever reason I am glad he visited!

I like the Pheasant bird I think they are pretty, always have and I have not seen to many here in the High Desert! Over the mountain I was with someone who hunted them as well as other game animals. The Pheasant nests also got ran over by the tractor. I would feel badly for the birds. We had quite a few over the mountain in the valley where I grew up.

Both Guy and I are bummed we no longer see or hear this Pheasant anymore! Big flashy, colorful birds!

Thank you for coming by!

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  1. What a pick-me-up! it must be, having a ringed neck pheasant stop by your place. The mystery of the whereabouts of the beautiful pheasant. This proved to be a fresh and unexpected adventure . . . .

    1. Morning Jeff,
      Thank you! We were quite happily surprised ourselves! This bird came by for a while everyday…. the only other pheasant I have ran into here is on a walk of mine and I just about stepped on one! Scared the crap out of me! I did not see it! haha. Over the mountain in the Willamette valley we had a lot of these pheasants…..

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