Meet the Gray Hairstreak Butterfly.

If you have not been to my blog, or new to my blog then this butterfly is new to you. If you are a long time visitor to my photography and/or blog then this butterfly you should already know.

The Gray Hairstreak Butterfly showed up here to the house some years ago. Attracted to several of my plants, one being the Hollyhock Flowers and where I took these photographs was one of the Hollyhock Plants.

if you notice the leaves of the Hollyhock there in the photograph above? The holes are from insects. Perhaps the caterpillar of the Gray Hairstreak Butterfly? This is a good trade I think!

Guy says to me why dont you water with the agriculture water we pay every year for? I have spoken to several agencies about this water, it is run off from the farms and ranches. Several times a year chemicals are placed in the pipe lines to kill the algae that grows in the lines. I am told not to put this water into the ponds due to the chemicals…. so why would I want to put that water onto my plants? Would the water not kill off the caterpillar of such creatures as this Gray Hairstreak Butterfly?

This Gray Hairstreak Butterfly is laying eggs. Again if you are new to my blog this is new to you.

The creatures who visit, or even live their life here on our property with us tend to get used to my routine. Along with getting used to my routine, they get used to me. Unless the creature is new here, we have not gotten used to each other. However the new creatures to my garden do not feel comfortable enough to do such things as lay eggs right in front of me.

If you want to get such photographs I recommend getting a lens that can take such shots. Even if you have to get close, you can do it! The lens I like the most, which is always left on one of my camera bodies is a 70-300mm. This lens just works for me and I have two brands of the same lens. I like this lens that much!

Everyone has their own style when it comes to photography. My style is real basic. I shoot in manual, I try and make the shot count. These photographs are uploaded, looked through and the file is named. Uploaded to website. If I crop I will tell you. These photographs are not cropped. Like I said , once the butterflies get used to you. They let you get right into their business.

These photograph to some may seam like the exact same photograph. No, the Gray Hairstreak Butterfly is little!! The reference I give is, look at your thumb nail. That is pretty much the size of this Gray Hairstreak Butterfly, give or take of course for I have small hands.

The blue species of butterfly I admit they confuse the crud out of me haha! There is quite a few of them, they are all small species of butterfly! Once your eyes see one species of blue….. you are trained to see them all!

As I have said on twitter , I like taking photographs of creatures doing what they are going to do if I am there or not.

No perfumes, I do not wear insect repellent. I also do not like my clothing to stink like perfume (however lets be real here I do not do laundry. I am not much of a domestic goddess ).

Perfumes , insect repellents etc. will not do you as a photography of wildlife any good! You may smell pretty to another person, but to the wildlife you want to photograph you may just stink? Anyhoo you get the point.

You can see the larger photographs, you should by clicking on the photographs. Again being organic has it’s good and bad points. This I feel is a good thing, even though my flowers, the leaves or plants themselves take a hit and do not look perfect as another gardener who used chemicals to kill the good bugs, and the bad bugs.

Thank you for coming by my photography, if you read my rambling that you for listening!

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