Meet the Cedar Waxwing!

A very pretty bird in my opinion and when a flock of these fruit loving birds show up they have a very distinctive call! They sometimes arrive in good sized flocks of a dozen or more to the fruit trees! The Cedar Waxwings seam to like our honeysuckle we grow here as well.

The rest of these photographs were taken around our small pond that is under our fruit tree. The chain link fence made for a great perch !

I have a tenancy to be outside most of the days when it is nice outside here on the High Desert when I am feeling good, which means the birds do get used to me doing my gardening or just hanging around.

The shot above was taken before we put in the prefabricated ponds due to the drought conditions we here been experiencing here on the High Desert fearing 2015 will be a worse year for drought conditions.

You can hear the distinctive call of the Cedar Waxwing Bird here . You then can hear why I start looking around in the trees and in our lilac bushes / trees for this pretty bird! In 2014 we had the Cedar Waxwings clear up until the little snow we got started falling! This surprised me and the photographs are still in my archive.

Thank you for coming by and seeing my photographs of the Cedar Waxwings we had visiting our garden in the high desert! Make sure to check out their call so you can see them someday too! They really are pretty birds!


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