Meet the common Coyote !

One thing our area is known for is the Coyote. A wild dog that is not a big dog, though not a small dog either.

When heading off from the house I typically tell the son where I am going, or as my parents taught me to do – leave a note. I say in what direction I am planning to go. Just in case I am not back when dinner time comes around. I may take several cameras with me, or just one? To many variables, in fact with me that is a variables haha!

Coyote’s are here in our area this is fact and I have ran into them several times on my outings. This time was as funny as the other times!

Heading to a spot I like to go for some of my photographs this Coyote just was not paying attention! I watched the Coyote approaching and a after thought was to get a photo or two! Sometimes I will take photographs of the Coyotes sometimes I just dont feel like it for we do have them here and they are a common thing to see.

The Coyote was on the other side of this gully when I first noticed the dog. I sometimes run into pet dogs running about, however the Coyote looks and moves a way any typical wild animal looks and moves while out hunting. You just cant miss them!

I stopped to observe the Coyote and perhaps to see how long it would take for the Coyote to notice me watching him ha! I wondered there at first if something did not scare the Coyote and that is why the dog was moving at the pace it was? I also was curious as to how close it would come to where I was standing haha, I’m a curious person ha!

Believe it or not Coyote’s scare off the wildlife that I am out here to photograph! Everything goes quiet after those those first warning calls are heard. In other words I have lots of time to watch this Coyote. No hurry for gosh a while. It will take time for the wildlife to calm down anyways!

So I watched this Coyote go down into the gully and come back up, following it’s nose is what I feel it was doing. Have dogs who do the same thing waiting for me back home! When I am out and about by myself I dont take any of the dogs with me. Why? I just cant pay attention to the dogs and do what I do. So I leave our dogs at home.

Coyote’s for the most part are harmless. Typically, Coyotes have learned that people are not good news. Some people will shoot a Coyote on site for nothing more then being alive. I dont understand this practice myself for like I said I have ran into Coyotes on my own and with Guy and the dogs, Coyotes are just trying to make their way just like everyone else. However, I dont have livestock to worry about these days either.

This Coyote saw me and that is when I had to laugh! It turned around on a dime! Started heading off where it came from haha! That is when I thought well, take some photographs of it haha!

I and we have run into the loan Coyote like this time, and ran into dens with pups. Heck I even asked Guy to stop the truck once for I seen a puppy on the side of the busy road we were on! Come to find out it was a Coyote pup. The adult Coyote grabbed the pup and back into the brush they went…..You know I am more afraid of a pack of pet dogs who went wild then I ever will be of a Coyote……

Thanks for coming by and reading what happened on this day as I was out and about !

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    1. Thanks ! Some day I will write another of the coyote who watched us on the other side of the Metolius River, sat down and we all just watched each other ha! With of course photographs, since after all the coyote did sit down and just watched us watching it…..

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