Dragonfly of the High Desert of Oregon

Previous Next Meet the Dragonfly of our home here in the High Desert of Oregon. Hope you all had a good weekend? We got some things that needed done , done in the garden. Now it is time to start putting out the seeds for the future flowers and the visitors to our garden! Many […]

Western Tanager Visiting The Garden

Previous Next Meet the Western Tanager! One of the more flashier birds who have visited us here in our part of the High Desert of Oregon. Primarily a insect eater, this Western Tanager also likes the fruit, such as our raspberries! This Western Tanager is near our raspberries checking out the situation. Though one of […]

Yellow-Rumped Warbler Bird

Previous Next This Warbler stopped in to check out what was here to eat and to get a drink. He did notice that someone was watching him, and the click of the camera usually gets my subjects attention. They are not sure what that clicking is ! Up in the tree looking down on me […]

Oregon Red Admiral Butterfly

Previous Next Meet the Red Admiral Butterfly. These photographs were taken right here at home on the Raspberry leaves on June 6 , 2014. One thing to note, we grow the Raspberries around our small ponds where the Raspberries can get the water they need here in the High Desert of Oregon without having to […]

Dahlia Flower Blooming in the High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Dahlia Flower! So many colors, sizes,shapes of the Dahlia! This post will be many photographs of the Dahlia Flowers we have grown. Most of our Dahlia Flowers have been grown by tubers, though we have grown them by seed as well! 2014 was a interesting year in general! Guy had been […]

Gladiolus Flowers Blooming in the High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Gladiolus Flowers, or as I will refer to them as the, “Glad flower”! I added a few colors here for you to see they come in many colors! They are a bulb flower, meaning a hardy bulb is how they grow. I personally never had the seeds nor even seen seeds […]

Sand Lily Growing in Jefferson County Oregon

Previous Next Meet the Sand Lily! This beautiful wild flower is just one that blooms here in the High Desert of Oregon, the county of Jefferson County Oregon. Overlooked by many for it blooms as you can see very low to the ground. We do know of a spot that these do bloom and our […]

Columbine Flowers Blooming in the High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Columbine Flowers we grow here in our garden! Unlike my other post, “Life on the Columbine Flower”, this will be just the Columbine flowers themselves. The Columbine that we grow is the “old world”, species. That is they have beautiful spikes. The new hybrids do not have these spikes. However we […]

Iris Flowers In My Garden

Previous Next Meet the Bearded Iris Flowers. Most of our Bearded Iris Flowers are the “Tall” species. We have had these  Bearded Iris flowers so long we have forgot their names. Yes flowers actually have names the breeders give them ha! In 2015 we will have a dozen or so more colors of the Bearded […]

Cedar Waxwing Bird in the High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Cedar Waxwing! A very pretty bird in my opinion and when a flock of these fruit loving birds show up they have a very distinctive call! They sometimes arrive in good sized flocks of a dozen or more to the fruit trees! The Cedar Waxwings seam to like our honeysuckle we […]


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