Meet the Columbine Flowers we grow here in our garden!

Unlike my other post, “Life on the Columbine Flower”, this will be just the Columbine flowers themselves.

The Columbine that we grow is the “old world”, species. That is they have beautiful spikes. The new hybrids do not have these spikes. However we have noticed the hybrids do have more colors. We chose not to grow the hybrids due to Guy. Guy rejects every species of Columbine seeds we find that do not have the long “spikes”. Once you get the Columbine established you really do have to keep them under control in some places.

This post will be mainly photographs, I dipped into my archives for these photographs. Not sure if these photographs are on the main site in the flower album or not?

I may have said in the other post about Guy being somewhat of a collector of colors of the Columbine? The Columbine grow quite tall here in our garden in the High Desert of Oregon!

The Columbine is also a wildflower here in the High Desert! The wild Columbine of course do not have the selection of colors nor are tall or have the big blooms you get in the garden.

We like the clover type leaves of the Columbine as well as the flowers, two for one is a good thing!

There are so many colors the Columbine flowers come in. Many folks are starting to plant the new hybrids. This is making the old style of Columbine harder to find in some places. We grow most everything from seed. Guy may pick up something just so I can start collecting the seeds from it. Of course the flowers that do grow by seed.

Come to think of it I should have taken some photographs of the seeds and the seed pods to show how tiny and shiny black the seeds are!

You can see by the photograph above that several colors can grow next to each other though they are not the same plant. I am sure some cross breeding of the colors we have of the Columbine is going on outside in the garden?

Yellow must be a base color, a strong gene for some years everything comes out yellow!!

The white Columbines you see here and there was a surprise and a good one! The White Columbine mixed into the other colors did stand out in 2014!

We are always in the garden section of whatever store we happen to be in where both of us are always on the look out for these Columbine seeds with the spurs. One year of growth and blooms of the fresh seeds, we really do not know what is going to bloom the next year! Having the fresh seeds in the mix is always welcomed.

Thank you for coming by and checking out our Columbine Flowers we grow in different places of our garden. The Columbine do great most every where the seeds are thrown!

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  1. I Love columbines. These in your garden are spectacular. Columbines are hardy and deliver year after year. Wind blown seeds germinate in neighbors’ gardens . . . and down the road they thank ME! for being able to enjoy these beauts. Early hummingbirds favor our columbines.
    What a good choice for a post.

    1. Why thank you Jeff!
      Being a agriculture area that we are, control of such things in our garden is a must! To have the seeds blowing down the road is interesting to me!! How far do you think your seeds are carried would you say?
      I do my best to collect some of the seeds, however sounds like you know just how many seeds are produced by a single plant. Then when you have many haha 😉
      Do you have the wild columbine there in your part of the country??
      Sorry all the questions, you got me curious haha


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