Meet the Gladiolus Flowers, or as I will refer to them as the, “Glad flower”!

I added a few colors here for you to see they come in many colors! They are a bulb flower, meaning a hardy bulb is how they grow. I personally never had the seeds nor even seen seeds produced from the Glad Flower.

The Glad Flower has grown and bloomed everywhere we have placed the bulbs for some years now. If they come up the next year or not is questionable since frankly Guy is not real impressed with the Glads growing style so he does not take the time to dig up the bulbs. Tell you the truth I forget to dig them up ha!

The Glad Flowers do take extra care. They are top heavy and you have to stake them or tie the flowers up or they will fall over from being so top heavy. If you let them be, or do not tie them, stake them they will fall over.

With that said the Glad flowers are so pretty I want them every year!

Pollinators , like I said I like the beauty of the flower. At this moment I can not think of one pollinator who even comes to the Glad flower! It might be the fact they are top heavy so they fall over easily? Unstable for a pollinator? Though no real bugs attack the Glad flower that I can think of either…….

I am not into cut flowers however for the gardeners that are into cut flower, I would think these would be something a cut grower would have in their garden!

These will again be grown in 2015 and I will be the one who takes care of them. Staking them up, tying them or as I have done before growing  a hardy plant next to the Glad flower to hold the top heavy flower up!

I think the best place we have had these grow is a dryer area we have here in our garden in the High Desert. It is on the south facing side where the sun beats down sometimes to harsh for other flowering plants but the Glad seams to really like this spot! Though the Glad flower has as I have said flowered in every spot we have placed it!

Since I do rely on natural conditions for photography, natural light , natural conditions and do not use fancy computer programs for my photography I really do have to pay attention to the Glad flower. Spent flowers I just do not like to photograph. Instead I like the newly formed flowers, newly “born”, flower blooms to photograph. So everyday I walk the small property we have to see what is giving me a new bloom to photograph. Mornings are fabulous! However, I do this several times a day. Typically morning and evening unless we are gone.

Overhead watering is so dangerous with the Glad blooms!! This could put to much weight on them thus falling over. If the Glad was not such a pretty bloom!! I wonder what the unhybrid flowers look like? These Glad Bulbs that you and I have are all hybrids. This is just the way it is!

Soil, since I am not into guessing, I bought yet another soil tester so I can add in the soil properties. We do have our own way of preparing the soil that has came from years and years of Guy and my experience growing flowers….. growing anything is not a scientific thing per say. It is what it is, and we just like doing it and we both are good at it. We do not grow anything if it is going to stress us out! A person can love something so much that they actually kill it just by over loving whatever.

Guy tells a tail about a old women who he ran into while working in the back country putting in roads. She had no electricity, no indoor plumbing and a widow. Guy asked her some advice about her garden. The old women replied that she does not know what she is doing she just does it……

Thank you for coming by and checking out my Gladiolus Flowers. I do have so many more photographs of the Glad however I think these photographs represent a good variety of colors we have grown here in our garden.

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