Meet the Sand Lily! This beautiful wild flower is just one that blooms here in the High Desert of Oregon, the county of Jefferson County Oregon. Overlooked by many for it blooms as you can see very low to the ground.

We do know of a spot that these do bloom and our quite impressive to see!! The soil one would think nothing but sage brush could grow in! Wrong!

Because our area is such a unique desert, being east of the Cascade Mountains to the west, and the Ochoco Mountains to the east our area is a unique place! To the untrained eye our area may look rather …… empty. However take the time to look around and you too may just see these Sand Lily as well!

I like to note, this spot also is home to the Pygmy Short-horned Lizard.

Because the Sand Lily blooms on the desert floor I have never even attempted to try and dig one up to bring home. I just do not feel it would survive. Plus both Guy and I agree the tap root could be very deep into the ground, doing more harm then good to try and remove this pretty wildflower.

This is also a edible plant from the Asparagaceae family. However I am not comfortable just reading something and running out to try it. A connection of mine and I spoke on twitter of foods and how I can be “picky”, about such things. I do not recommend anyone putting things into their mouth just because you read it……

This wildflower is just extremely pretty and a nice bit of color on the desert floor!! Being from the Valley west of the Cascade Mountains I had not grown up stepping on such things! The Sand Lily also does not grow everywhere, or at all times here in the High Desert. I am hoping to go to this spot in 2015 in April to see if they will be blooming. The way it is going here, hoping to go several times. Early if possible since we are in drought conditions and everything seams to be growing early.

Plus like I said the Pygmy Short-horned Lizard is at this spot and I would like to spend more time with that lizard.

If you do happen to visit us here in Jefferson County Oregon (we are a hour north give or take from Bend Oregon. We are home to Lake Billy Chinook which is known by many people), bring your water and take a walk. Keeping in mind that we may not have large, giant things growing here…. however we have other things growing here that are quite pretty to see like the Sand Lily! Be careful of the Pygmy Short-horned Lizard! The lizard is horribly small and blend right in to their environment! You may think you are looking at a rock until it takes off like a flash!!

Thank you for coming by and checking out my photographs of the Sand Lily that was photographed outside of the city of Madras Oregon growing on the desert floor. Come to think of it, this could have been on the Ochoco National Grasslands ….

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