Danish Flag Poppy Flower

Previous Next Meet the Danish Flag Poppy Flower! These Poppy Flowers are so pretty it is just neat to see them blooming in the garden! Very flashy! These were grown in 2013. I like the poppy flower , large or small! I just think they are pretty. Yes this is a Papaver Somniferum so if […]

Yellow Rose

yellow roses T38A2200

Previous Next This is our Yellow Rose we have had here for quite sometime. We got this rose some years back when we found it growing on the desert floor, a little cutting is all it took! Talk about thorns !! Even the birds like this rose , even with the thorns. Prolific one time […]

Comma Butterfly In The Cascade Mountains

Comma butterfly 763

Previous Next I have my spots I stop at up in the Cascade Mountains, well most places I have my set spots I have had history of photographing the wildlife. This spot tends to have species of butterflies stop to get drinks, never know what I am going to photograph! Just know I am going […]

Pine Siskin Bird In The High Desert

Pine Siskin bird T38A2112

Previous Next Meet the Pine Siskin ! Here at our home in the high desert of Oregon we get a lot of visitors. This visitor looked different so I grabbed my camera! We do get some birds heading to the Ochoco Mountains or the Cascade Mountains stop in for a bite to eat. I am […]

Hummingbird In The Lilacs

hummingbird T38A0597

Previous Next This is one of the many Hummingbirds we have here at the house every year! Every year we have a family, or families of Hummingbirds who dart here and there ! The young are real fun to watch for they are just as curious of you as you are of them! The Hummers […]

sweat bee on a Ozark Sundrop Flower

Previous Next Photographed this sweat bee feeding on the Ozark Sundrop flower the other morning. This is a vary good growing and flowering primrose that I think we got in one of those wildflower mixes?? One of my sundrops is over six feet tall! If thinking of growing this flower make sure you pay attention […]

When We Came Around A Curve What Did We See

Previous Next When We Came Around A Curve What Did We See? The people who have been following my photographs have come to expect the unexpected. Yesterday was like every other day up in the Ochoco Mountains of Oregon. I get photographs of wildlife, many mule deer. The biggest deer in North America. Than the […]

Buffalo In Oregon

Previous Next Some folks keep horses, others keep buffalo! The leader of this pack determined by the quick observation I had was the one who was caught rolling around in images 8-9-10. What that one said went! This small group of 6 or so did not walk to their fence but ran, we have had […]

Old Homestead Oregon

1 old west ranch 201

Previous Next I take a lot of photographs, with this said I do not ever think I posted about this old homestead? Here in our part of the world, to get to anywhere we choose to take the back roads. We can take the more traveled roads, but this takes all the fun out of […]


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