This is one of the many Hummingbirds we have here at the house every year!

Every year we have a family, or families of Hummingbirds who dart here and there ! The young are real fun to watch for they are just as curious of you as you are of them! The Hummers also get to know who you are, however that does not stop them from trying to push you around clearly letting you know this is there home!!

I spent hours outside with my camera in which the Hummers do find quite fascinating ! The Hummers find the click, click of the shutter of quite importance of their territorial dance they perform. Darting around me and the camera , hovering in front of me just to make sure they know what is going on!

This Hummer you see here is no different! Keeping a eye on me through out the day, resting as you can see on the top of a branch of the lilac bushes! If one of the other Hummers wanted to know what is going on this one would dash from this spot and do what he could to run off the other Hummer, at times more then one Hummer would challenge our little friend here! The show would get good at times !

Thank you for coming by and seeing the photographs I got of our little friend on this day!

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