When We Came Around A Curve What Did We See? The people who have been following my photographs have come to expect the unexpected. Yesterday was like every other day up in the Ochoco Mountains of Oregon.

I get photographs of wildlife, many mule deer. The biggest deer in North America. Than the herds of antelope we have here in Oregon. The eagles, hawks, etc. etc., people moving their cattle to better grazing and than what we came onto.
A flock of sheep. We have came across big herds before. However this time I got some photographs.
This whole thing really reminded me of the Chris Ledoux song “Photo Finish”. The line in the song saying,

“When I came around a curve and right there in the highway there was more damn
sheep than I ever seen before
I’m going to fast to ever stop, so I just close my eyes as the car rolls on
through the herd
When I opened up my eyes again there’s a sheep on the fender and that
herder saying some mighty awful words “.

Now of course we do not drive that fast for we never know what we are going to see, or what will be in the road, but my Chris Ledoux cassette tapes have always been a favorite of mine and that line just popped into my head. This also has not been the biggest herd I have ever seen, however the sheep did take over the whole road.

One dog I have in several photographs, there were oh, five maybe six dogs that we seen working the herd. The older man who was driving the livestock simi waved. There was a younger girl she was getting the sheep out of the road. A younger man who was holding onto a hurt ewe. A couple who the man looked like the sheep herder we ran into before, but who knows?

The couple were at the back of the simi stock trailer and looked like the women was doctoring the hurt sheep??

We slowly made it through the herd when it was safe to do so. With two mastiff dogs going absolutely nuts and our Australian Shepherd joining in. Guy rolled up all the windows as to not allow our dogs to get their snouts out the windows. The mastiffs are big dogs and can break the windows, it is just safer to roll them up.

Several of the photograph were taken out the front of the windshield and I kept the windshield wipers in them. This way you can tell I did not get out of the truck. The road had turned white with sheep.

September 26 2010, 7:02 AM  by mrsroadrunner

Ralph Lauren Article published  in 2013 of a local sheep ranch. (link is external)

update 2016  July. Added a article from the Oregonian newspaper article of Ralph Lauren .

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