Meet the Danish Flag Poppy Flower!

These Poppy Flowers are so pretty it is just neat to see them blooming in the garden! Very flashy! These were grown in 2013. I like the poppy flower , large or small! I just think they are pretty.

Yes this is a Papaver Somniferum so if you want to stop reading now, you are more then welcome to just look at the beautiful flower photographs ! This is your opportunity and I do understand.

Now for you who want to keep reading! Legality of these Poppies is still wishy washy . I actually looked this up for this article to see if anything has changed. Nope. However, come on – you and I grow flowers for we like to grow flowers ! With that said, this is a agricultural plant. Used for several thing such as the food industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. Breeders are working hard to breed a ornamental version of this plant, however to my understanding these are not yet widely available as the standard plant seeds are. Which do not have any legality issues with them.

As soon as my Danish Flag Poppy Flowers are spent I deadhead these, oh that day or the next day. No longer are the flowers good for photographing. I feel and have said this before, because a lot of flowers you and I grow in our gardens can and some are stolen and used for things we are shocked they are used for!! Of course stealing plants and/or flowers is no big deal, no crime here where I live. This of course is my sarcastic side coming out.

In fact our town lady was so shocked that I would think this is such a big deal, she told me to buy signs telling folks not to steal my flowers, instead of course buying advertising in our local flyer , (we are a small town so we do not have a newspaper). Asking folks not to cut down peoples flowers without permission , not just my flowers.

With this said, I feel it is a responsible thing for us gardeners to do is to deadhead such plants who flower. Some day I will do a article on deadheading ……. examples of why deadheading can be a good thing to do with some plants and why for other plants you may want to deadhead for other reasons then to promote growth. Or even as why to deadhead for a photographer if you are like I am and grow what you photograph is good.

The Danish Flag Poppy was a tad bit picky to grow here in the High Desert of Oregon. Example, it was 91 f. degrees , (32.78 c ),  when I started on this article. This is the High Desert, you know desert ! We make our own humidity ha ! So when I had any of the seeds I purchased flower I was tickled ! I kept a eye on them until they flowered, the photographs are what you see ! I really did not see any noteworthy pollinators come to the flower itself . If I did I would have photographed them too!

Why did it take 5 years for me to write something on my Danish Flag Poppy Flowers? I can bs you, or tell you the truth….. the truth is , I just plan old forgot. I have so many photographs that I have uploaded to the date file I put them in and their they sit until one day I look in the file and HOLLY CRAP ….. or like these photographs I have them out for something else and think, oh I will get around to them to write a article …….

Like always I am active on twitter where I like to talk about all kinds of things. I put up a photograph or two as well ! Thank you for coming by

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