Here it is almost 2019 !! Can you believe it , where did the year go?

For the year went with updates, upgrading ! Putting the final touches on things as well as created new exciting things for the website! It has been nine years (?), since this adventure began at a place called, “posterous”.

Posterous was a neat place that I still miss! When they were bought out I was happy for them ! Then the site was shut down. So we had to move!!

Couple years I spent at a photography place. Until they to were bought out!! Then is when I went to my own server and programs that I took care of myself. When the whole cell phone craze made all of us bewildered as to how to keep up, well another fun phase took place!

I kept watch of how the bigger websites I went to did things…… interesting I thought!! I thought about and researched such sites and it dawned on me why they were doing what they were doing and it made sense to me!

One thing you may have noticed so far? Your past comments, likes of whatever post you went to in the past are no longer there. At one time I did migrate such things over, then moving again such things were wiped clean – again! So far I am not sure I will migrate those again?? Not sure yet …..

I am tickled with the gallery , as I have always been impressed with Piwigo…. since upgrading the gallery earlier this year that portion of the site is nearly at eight million views. Of course folks wanted to see the new look….You can see the Gallery here

I have started putting the shop together as it says, “Products all in one place”. My products were scattered all over the web…. This just did not work for me. So I put them in the shop.

The “products”, side of things I am still working on. It is for customized products that may or may not be found at other places? Some places I put things and others I dont so?? You customize the products! These products have a CUSTOMIZE button right there you click on. This is the way it is at this moment. You can go on over to the Posters right now and play around. I will send you over to a flower photo

The physical photographs I also put on their own place. These ship right from the house for each one is unique after I get them from the folks who process the photograph. No I dont print out photographs myself. I do not have the professional machines here at home. What I have on the website at the moment is found at my photo shop

The Downloads I have them at this moment at the shop. I need to make a cpanel just for those, for now the downloads are found here

Lets just say this year has been busy! Then again I like keeping busy , so every year has been busy in one way or another. I can say that old urls should still be working….. If you happen to run upon a old url (there is almost 9 years worth of them), drop me a line and I can fix that pretty quickly. 

I still can be found at twitter ! I try and show up everyday and sometimes for way to long haha I also try and drop in at the same time, however …. these days I may be on twitter at 9 am, or midnight ? I do check my email , and twitter regularly. Oh I also am on instagram now. The whole cell phone thing is …. interesting and I am new over there.

I know you are used to seeing images in my posts. However this post is what is on my mind at the moment…..

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