Honeybees on The Red Poppy Flowers

Previous Next Meet the Honeybees that were on these Poppy Flowers of August 1, 2014! We do seam to be a stopping point for many pollinators during the peak blooming time of the year. This is now March still and we are getting the flower beds ready for 2015 flowering season by pulling weeds, seeding,waiting […]

Honeybee On A Ozark Sundrop Flower

Previous Next This series of photographs is of a Honeybee working on this Ozark Sundrop Flower! There was more photographs to this series then I showed here. This Ozark Sundrop (Ozark Sundrop is not the scientific name by the way), is one of several plants of this species we had growing in 2014. This Ozark […]

Coneflower Blooms

Previous Next Hope your weekend went well! Meet the Coneflower and visitor from the photographs from July 25 2014 I am working on this morning. As you can see by the end of July the Coneflower are not at their peek. These Coneflower were placed in a spot facing the southern sun in front of […]

Honeybee Arrival In Jefferson County Oregon

Previous Next This is a typical bigger Honeybee operation that goes on in agricultural areas such as ours. These Honeybee’s arrive by train. This area is a holding lot. Much like a cattle holding lot, however these are Honeybee’s. You will not find this quantity of hives in someone’s backyard! I do not advice anyone […]

Life on The Columbine Flower

Previous Next Meet the Columbine Flower and the pollinators the Columbine attract to your garden! Many of us gardeners are getting ready for the season of outdoor flower beds and vegetable beds. We are no different! The excitement of colors, smells and the visitors can get overwhelming for some of us! Specially those who are […]

honey bee on a bachelor button flower

Previous Next Most folks know of the Honey Bee? If not here is a example of the Honey Bee! The flower the Honey Bee is working on is a Bachelor Button. I make it no secrete that our place comes to life in spring and summer! The HUMMMM of the bee’s of all shapes, forms, […]

Honey Bee Coming In For A Landing

Previous Next Hope your weekend was a good one?! Meet the Honey Bee. Many people know the Honey Bee!! The flower of this series is the Poppy Flower. The Honey Bee’s do like the Poppy, specially the red Poppy!! Or the salt and pepper shaker flower! The Honey Bee for being the size it is, […]

Cheerful Sunflowers

Previous Next The cold weather is upon us and I need some color!! Being avid gardeners I thought I would share some color of the Sunflowers from our 2014 garden. Along with all the plants we grow we have many visitors show up on our small plot of land to share the bounty, thank goodness […]


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