Meet the Honeybees that were on these Poppy Flowers of August 1, 2014!

We do seam to be a stopping point for many pollinators during the peak blooming time of the year. This is now March still and we are getting the flower beds ready for 2015 flowering season by pulling weeds, seeding,waiting on a tuber delivery, working the soil, still needing to run the tiller and the chipper since we have piles of brush here and there from last year! Everything is taking off early this year!

You can see from the photographs above, there are two different poppy flowers! These are both from Red Poppy Flower Seeds, though the one Poppy Flower has more of a orange tint to it!

By August I spend a lot of my time outside if you can imagine! A lot of work to do and this is the busy time of the year here at home and all over Central and Eastern Oregon!

The Honeybee’s photographed here start arriving early in the morning when sun starts to warm everything up. The honeybee’s stick around until evening time.

Since the Poppy Flowers are so delicate of a flower, over head watering is a no go. The Honeybee’s are found at our ponds or the other hardier flowers getting drinks from the mud we provide. Honeybee’s like other insects do not drink water as you and I do, then back to work they go!

Every dang time I get visiting people here they swat at the bee’s! These Honeybee’s are more then likely from the shipments of Honeybee’s we get from California to pollinate the big farms. Though since we have many species of bee’s visiting us at any giving time at the peak blooming season, it is not wise to swat at the bee’s. Some bee’s do not like this!

Our place just hummmmms with the sounds of the Honeybee’s doing their thing and I kind of like the sounds!

A place with Honeybee’s is a healthy place! I worry when I see no Honeybee’s in a location!!

Thank you for coming by and checking out the photographs from August 1, 2014!

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