Most folks know of the Honey Bee? If not here is a example of the Honey Bee! The flower the Honey Bee is working on is a Bachelor Button.

I make it no secrete that our place comes to life in spring and summer! The HUMMMM of the bee’s of all shapes, forms, colors I also make folks aware of if they stop by to chat.

The pollen is typically orange on the Honey Bee’s legs, however it is white on this Honey Bee’s legs. Just depends what the Honey Bee is working on. Assuming the pollen on the Bachelor Button is white…..

Something about the Bachelor Button. We do not just have flowers bought somewhere, we grow all our flowers typically by seed, bulb,tube whatever. The Bachelor Button is one of those plants one has to watch out for. It is a weed in some places. It can grow around two in a half plus feet high, it seeds like no ones business!! Easy to grow and care for. When it goes to seed it can and will fall over, spreading it’s seeds as far away from the main plant as possible. Killing other flowers in it’s wake. How do I know this haha? Experienced this for ourselves! Just be careful growing this flower that comes in many colors!

As you can see the Honey Bee’s really like the Bachelor Button flowers! Not only the Honey Bee! I have liked the Bachelor Button since I was a child growing up over the mountain in Eugene Oregon. The places I would go to watch the wildlife I also would come across the Bachelor Buttons growing wild. Fact is, I thought of it as a wild flower here in Oregon. It was only when I moved here to the High Desert that I thought of putting it in the garden to attract the pollinators. Attracting the pollinators this flower does!!

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Thank you for coming by and seeing this small series of photographs!

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