The cold weather is upon us and I need some color!! Being avid gardeners I thought I would share some color of the Sunflowers from our 2014 garden.

Along with all the plants we grow we have many visitors show up on our small plot of land to share the bounty, thank goodness for the honey bee and all the other pollinators! Without them hand pollinating would be the other choice and well, that is a lot of work!

These photographs were taken on Sept. 8 of 2014. Not so long ago however looking outside it is like this was a life time ago!

I started this post at 3 something am thinking I was going to do a post about some male doves fighting for whatever reason male doves fight for?? Then I ran upon all my colorful flower photography and well…… I was going to wait a little longer to start my flower series, no time like the present!

We put in the Sunflowers in for several reasons, one I like them! Two, insects to birds like them as well!

Lets get real though, some of the sunflowers the birds tend to plant all by themselves!! Looking around at the neighbors unused space or even the empty plots of land we have here you may just find Sunflowers growing in spots the birds dropped the seeds. Of course it has to be somewhere water can get to! We are the high desert after all!

Since my photography is off the camera you can be sure the colors are what they are and I like our blue skies! Make for great background!

I did find a tid bit this morning as I was flipping through channels (btw this drives Guy batty when I do this), Prince William spoke of poachers of wildlife that caught my attention. Why did this catch my attention? Perhaps with all the things I would think a Prince has to do I just thought it was rather neat that such a issue crossed the mind of a Prince. If it was just to gain the attention of people like me and you or not……

Guy just left for work and I thought he had time to hang out with me longer. Need to tell those bosses of his he should be allowed to come in when ever he wants to haha. If only that would be how the world worked right??

Have you ever noticed the temperature difference inside of a flower? Any flower? I wonder if this honey bee has the thought process to complain about the every day work issues of a insect? Or are humans the only ones cursed with such a thought pattern? Now you know what crosses my mind as I am out and about observing what I photograph haha!

Stepped outside for a couple minutes. I love the quiet mornings here. Anyone at this time of the morning who is out on the old hwy is usually going to work where Guy works at. The quietness at the to quiet thing going on. The owls even went quiet! It is rather warm out there!! Guessing in the 40 f. range? The cattle are not even awake haha!

These flashy sunflowers produce the small oily seeds. Sunflower seeds have a addictive quality to them, everyone knows who likes sunflower seeds how addictive they really are! Sunflowers seeds are so addictive that birds will pass up other foods to eat only them. Why it is not such a great idea if you keep birds to give them a seed blend that has a high content of Sunflower seeds, if you watch them the birds will go to the sunflower seeds ignoring the other seeds they need for a balanced diet. This is true for other critters as well.

I hope you like the Sunflower photographs of this day not long ago! I will add in other flower posts to put a tad bit of color into our world.

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