This is a typical bigger Honeybee operation that goes on in agricultural areas such as ours. These Honeybee’s arrive by train. This area is a holding lot. Much like a cattle holding lot, however these are Honeybee’s. You will not find this quantity of hives in someone’s backyard!

I do not advice anyone who is allergic to these insects to do such a thing as I did as far as visiting this holding lot.

First I called up and spoke to the scientist who is, was (?) doing a Honeybee study at this location. Then calling up the land owner to ask for access to their property. Then of course walking on over to the location. I would have loved to be a onlooker when getting these photographs haha!!

Keeping in mind, smoke can be a good thing!! Lighting up a cigarette kept the stings down to just one. Keeping in mind these Honeybee’s are not wild per say, however they just arrived at this location. Tired, thirsty and cranky!

Somehow as I picked out the photographs to show you the photographs copied themselves so the photographs are a mess if you go to the album to look around!

These hives get shipped to different farms around our town where this is all located. If you happen to be walking down one of these farm roads, or even driving by with your window rolled down, well you may just get to meet some Honeybee’s personal like!

Carrot seed is huge in our area. Someone has to grow it for your favorite garden store to sale to you, right?

We are known for many other crops, however the carrot seed is a big one around here where the Honeybee’s help is priceless! Can you imagine hand pollinating something like the carrot seed!?

I also walked over to where the Honeybee’s were getting their drinks at. Any insect who has traveled pretty much in any manor is going to be thirsty! I am one who will buy insects to have them shipped here to home. Insects such as ladybugs,praying mantises, some others. The last shipment of ladybugs arrives half dead. So, I stopped buying from that business. If you know of anyone else with a better live arrival rate, and better customer service, can you let me know? We are in Oregon.

I was much more comfortable at this location. The water is not where the Honeybee’s live so they are much more docile!! No reason to protect something that is supposed to be for everyone…..

I may have even shown these photographs before?? I recall being at another location that I have permission being at and WALLA Honeybee’s were drinking at that spot too. Not sure why I was surprised? Perhaps I was surprised for that other spot was really just a big mud puddle! A mud puddle made by farm equipment and pick up trucks.

This to is one reason why our garden just hums with the sound of Honeybee’s as well. Our town is not huge and this holding lot is not a far walk. Honeybee’s are supposed to like to stay and work one kind of flower, however we have a big infatuation to our garden when the Honeybee’s show up!

I also notice the Honeybee’s that come to our ponds, garden are sickly. Because of people using these killer chemicals? We know the Honeybee’s come to our garden so they should be going to other peoples gardens….. “My brothers keeper”, is something that seams to come to my mind. I sarcastically joke about, “not being my brothers keeper”,  for most folks do not care about anything but themselves. Who cares if the Honeybee population dies out, right……. Not here to preach and this is a subject I can get real passionate about. Guy humors me and just lets me rant haha

Just joked with Guy about my ranting. Saying you heard it all before (my rants), but dogonit these people may not have! We both laughed and Guy says to you all,”Sorry about your luck”, haha! Keeping the wording clean for some of my younger readers!

In the shot above a couple Honeybee’s are gathered for drinks. I like to watch the Honeybee’s communication between each other, doing jigs and what not! Predators have a field day with the Honeybee as well! Picking off the Honeybee one by one. No wonder they stay in groups! While I was here the birds staid away. The other insect did not……

I think that is enough photographs. I do have more photographs in the album I made just for this post, though like I said they are kind of a mess…. Thank you for coming by and checking out my photographs and reading! Even if some of my ranting came out in the process….. See you on Monday with whatever else I came up with haha

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