I want to introduce you to a new bird, for me as well! Meet the Harris’s Sparrow! Sometimes we have visitors show up here who are different! This pretty bird showed up with the White Crowed Sparrows, obviously not a white crowned sparrow!

The White-Crowned Sparrow fledgling flew off and it just seamed to me this Harris’s Sparrow was hanging with it on the dog kennel fence. The Harris’s Sparrow flew up into the tree and I just kept on snapping photographs of it! Pretty bird dont you think?

This set of photographs is from March of 2014. I did not have to much time to watch this Harris’s Sparrow on this day, it just was not here for long!

As I was going through this file I first named the files just “sparrow bird”, for I new it was a sparrow. That is it though…. Then went to the open web. “Sparrows found in Oregon”. Easy enough to just head to the State of Oregon Sparrow web page !

From what I read about this loner , “he”, must have been heading more East and just stopped in for a rest?

The common birds here were not even sure of what to make of this new visitor here at the house! Notice all the birds around the Harris’s Sparrow?? Other then the shots of the fledgling (baby), White-Crowned Sparrow no other bird was photographed around this Harris’s Sparrow. Interesting I thought…..

Another thing we all have to keep in mind, this is nature ie wildlife. Who knows what is going to show up where? Sure logical guesses from those who do nothing but study such things…… when it comes to nature and wildlife, nothing is set in stone!

I am grateful for the critters who do show up here at the house in the High Desert of Oregon. It makes my day to day routines worth it!

Thank you for coming by my photographs of the Harris’s Sparrow!

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