Harris’s Sparrow Bird in The High Desert of Oregon

Previous Next I want to introduce you to a new bird, for me as well! Meet the Harris’s Sparrow! Sometimes we have visitors show up here who are different! This pretty bird showed up with the White Crowed Sparrows, obviously not a white crowned sparrow! The White-Crowned Sparrow fledgling flew off and it just seamed […]

White Crowned Sparrows Wintering in the High Desert

Previous Next These are the White Crowned Sparrows that winter with us here in our part of the High Desert of Oregon. We have them here right now, however these shots are from when the snow was flying in February of this year (2014). These White Crowned Sparrows reuse the garden flower stalks as nice […]

White Crowned Sparrow Visiting The Garden

Previous Next The White Crowned Sparrow can be found for some time here in our gardens and our wild bird area. This area consists of everything a bird could want! Cats are prohibited in this area where the wild birds come and go! They bath, sleep, hang out then go on their merry way! This […]

The Golden-Crowned Sparrow in Need

Previous Next This is the Golden-Crowned Sparrow. Biggest sparrow we have here and we have big flocks of them at times here at the house. Beautiful song comes from these song birds!! The Golden-Crowned Sparrows are also a smart species, like all sparrows I guess? Seen at bird feeders, or gardens looking for that something […]

White-crowned Sparrow Stopped By

Previous Next I just had a little friends stop by.  This little one seamed to be the boldest of them all and allowed me these photographs.  Something I just read about these white crowned sparrows is, they can stay awake up to two weeks while migrating, is that cool or what? Just think what we […]


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