High Desert Game Bird

Previous Next Meet these game birds found here in our town in the High Desert of Oregon! These birds are typically in this area every time I take a walk this way and every time they seam to make me jump even though I know they are there haha! Without looking at the photographs Guy, […]

Vivid Dancer Dragonfly Eating A Spider

Previous Next Meet the Vivid Dancer Dragonfly! I captured this one eating what I think is a spider!? Dragonflies are great helpers when it comes to controlling insects! I think I see wings there, so perhaps that is not a spider? This happening was not captured here at the house, but in a area I […]

Froglet in The High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Froglet , or Baby Frog here in Our pond! This Froglet is the common frog we have. The Pacific Tree Frog has to have a place to lay eggs and for those eggs to grow into adult frogs. Of course the Pacific Tree Frog uses any source of water for this […]

Foxglove Hybrid Flower

Previous Next Meet this Foxglove Hybrid Flower! If you are new to my blogs, photographs you may not have seen this Hybrid in the past? We have had these growing now for three years I think (without going back and looking). As with the past years these Foxglove grow near the Bell Flower, or the […]

Butterfly On The Sweet William Flowers

Previous Next Meet the Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly we have here at the house in the High Desert of Oregon! Of course this species of Swallowtail are not just at our garden, but many places here in the High Desert! There were several of these Yellow Swallowtail Butterflies here at the house on this day , […]

Bumblebee Hard At Work

Previous Next Meet again this Bumblebee! This Bumblebee is working on a Foxglove Flower, even this big Bumblebee can still fit into the flower blooms! This Bumblebee acts aggressive but really, never had a bad experience. This species will challenge you by aggressively flying quickly into your face, or check you out by circling you. […]

Rose Bloom in Orange

Previous Next Meet our one of our Roses! Like several of our other Roses this to is a climbing Rose, with a nice color and the scent is not to bad either! Roses are one of those flowers many people have. Guy is the Rose buyer here at our home. He looks at peddle count, […]

Lazuli Bunting birds Visiting

Previous Next Meet the Lazuli Bunting bird. Isn’t he pretty? I had to be in my archive yesterday. I came upon these photographs I have never shared before. Actually, it looks as if I did not look through this whole file….. ? These days I put notes for myself in my photography albums of what […]

American Goldfinch and Fledglings

Previous Next Meet the American Goldfinch Fledglings! Because we have the Lesser Goldfinch here in Oregon and they show up at the house as well, I use some of my photography only for identification purposes, this is the case with these shots I am sharing with you. The American Goldfinch Fledglings are very noisy! I […]

Rufous Hummingbird In The High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Rufous Hummingbird! This is the Hummingbird we have most here at the house. The Rufous Hummers show up here for the breeding season. The hummers like the pine trees we have here. This Hummer had followed me around so I took some photographs! All the Hummingbirds react to the click of […]


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