Pine Siskin Bird In The High Desert

Pine Siskin bird T38A2112

Previous Next Meet the Pine Siskin ! Here at our home in the high desert of Oregon we get a lot of visitors. This visitor looked different so I grabbed my camera! We do get some birds heading to the Ochoco Mountains or the Cascade Mountains stop in for a bite to eat. I am […]

Common Yellowthroat

Previous Next Meet the Common Yellowthroat bird! Colorful little guy who stopped by the house for a visit! This Common Yellowthroat visited us this time in May 2013 . I photographed this one at one of our ponds. I sat near off in my spot the birds get used to me being in as I […]

Red breasted Nuthatch Visiting

Previous Next The little nuthatch was captured with my camera just doing what Red-breasted Nuthatches do in a pine tree! On this day I was doing my chores, you know the domestic goddess stuff I am not all that good at? When I happened to hear a bird call out. The bird was right outside […]

Evening Grosbeak Visiting

Previous Next Meet the Evening Grosbeaks who stopped by the other day here at our place on the High Desert of Oregon! This flock was not the biggest we have had here! Several males, perhaps the females are around I just did not see the females? The Evening Grosbeaks do have a distinctive call that […]

American Goldfinch Fledgling

Previous Next Meet this American Goldfinch Fledgling. This one is older then the others I have shown in another post! This one has his color coming in. Not quite all the way yet, but we can identify him as a American Goldfinch. As with many places the American Goldfinch finds everything the bird needs here […]

Lazuli Bunting birds Visiting

Previous Next Meet the Lazuli Bunting bird. Isn’t he pretty? I had to be in my archive yesterday. I came upon these photographs I have never shared before. Actually, it looks as if I did not look through this whole file….. ? These days I put notes for myself in my photography albums of what […]

Rufous Hummingbird In The High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Rufous Hummingbird! This is the Hummingbird we have most here at the house. The Rufous Hummers show up here for the breeding season. The hummers like the pine trees we have here. This Hummer had followed me around so I took some photographs! All the Hummingbirds react to the click of […]

Western Tanager Visiting The Garden

Previous Next Meet the Western Tanager! One of the more flashier birds who have visited us here in our part of the High Desert of Oregon. Primarily a insect eater, this Western Tanager also likes the fruit, such as our raspberries! This Western Tanager is near our raspberries checking out the situation. Though one of […]

American Robin Bird Fledgling

Previous Next Meet this American Robin Bird fledgling! This Robin Bird fledgling is in the Lilacs. The Lilacs even after blooming season give such things as these fledglings a nice place to hide! My observations is, the fledglings either stop here at the Lilacs if they are to young to make it to the fruit […]

Bird of Prey Visitor

Previous Next Meet the Bird of Prey that showed up here to the house yesterday! I believe this to be a Coopers Hawk and not the Sharp Shinned Hawk. I believe this is the hawk who shows up from time to time to hunt our small piece of property. Eating on the song birds who […]


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