Honeybee On A Ozark Sundrop Flower

Previous Next This series of photographs is of a Honeybee working on this Ozark Sundrop Flower! There was more photographs to this series then I showed here. This Ozark Sundrop (Ozark Sundrop is not the scientific name by the way), is one of several plants of this species we had growing in 2014. This Ozark […]

Sand Lily Growing in Jefferson County Oregon

Previous Next Meet the Sand Lily! This beautiful wild flower is just one that blooms here in the High Desert of Oregon, the county of Jefferson County Oregon. Overlooked by many for it blooms as you can see very low to the ground. We do know of a spot that these do bloom and our […]

Wildflowers of Oregon Shoot Star or Poet’s Shooting Star

Previous Next Never photographing these before. I was quite happy to find these high up in the Ochoco Mountains of Oregon. We found a area of wildflowers blooming and stopping to photograph all the wildflowers in that spot, then thought we should head up to the higher elevation and did so on a narrow dirt […]

Pine Sawyer Beetle

Previous Next This is the Pine Sawyer Beetle . It is said to be the biggest beetle in North America and if you seen the size of this beetle you may just believe it! Checking out a wildfire burn area brought me to another log where I seen something move. Upon further investigation , this […]

Conflict Within A Wildflower Insect Floral Photography

Previous Next This conflict is between a metallic green insect, and a yellow insect that happened pretty quickly. all started when we came upon these cool looking purple wildflowers on the high desert floor.  Seams to me like some kind of thistle weed (Sagebrush Mariposa Lily , I seam to want to call these Tulips […]

The Tiny World Of The Hoverfly Insect

Previous Next The Hoverfly some may know it as the Flower Fly or the Syrphid Fly. No matter what you know this flies name as, it is a unique species.of the insect kingdom! Resembling the bee species only help this fly in my opinion. The Hoverfly is harmless and no doubt a benefit to our […]

Fenders Blue Butterfly

Previous Next This Boisduval’s Blue Butterfly is yet another one of our endangered species here in Oregon. These butterflies rely on the wild Lupine flower to survive. Wild Lupine which is disappearing. The two butterflies featured here were shot in two different parts of Central Oregon. One spot was the Ochoco Mountains, the other spot […]

Gray Jay Bicolored Ochoco Mountains Oregon

Previous Next While deep in the Ochoco Mountains we ran across a nice flowing creek. I love running water and just had to stop!! Upon inspection of where we were it was obvious this spot had been used as a hunting camp. The legs of the elk and the “meat hangers” (we laughed for I […]

Antelope Herd Ochoco Mountains Oregon

Previous Next As morning was breaking high up in the Ochoco Mountains we came across this herd of Antelope. Of course I always look for the buck. Not just because of being charged at rutting time, but it is just good sense too. I try and center him in a photo when I find him. […]

Lonely Wildflower

  Lonely Wildflower. This wildflower just popped up! So tiny!! This was found near the water in the canyon.  


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