As morning was breaking high up in the Ochoco Mountains we came across this herd of Antelope.

Of course I always look for the buck. Not just because of being charged at rutting time, but it is just good sense too.

I try and center him in a photo when I find him. He has the all black face with the large black horns.

I do get a kick out of seeing the herds for the young can then be seen. The young look just like their parents, just small is all!!

This herd was a pretty big one to our standards. 80 to a 100 head. Dont believe it went over 100 head. Guy tried counting as I was out doing my thing.

As you can see many of them are curious as to what was going on! My camera is supposed to be noisy, however I have not had problems with my Canon and the noise and hindering what I do. Actually, it is the opposite!! The dogs are loud. Therefor the camera gets the wildlifes attention off the dogs and to me. You can see by some of the photographs that some of the antelope are looking in the direction of the dogs, while others are looking at me. I like them looking at me, and my camera!

The buck did not want anything to do with me or the dogs! Two of the shots he is with his head down grazing with one of his many females. Almost as if he was hiding those horns of his, since really he is the one folks want to shoot at. If he hides his face, then we do not know he is a male right??

I get a kick out of the wildlife, well critters in general. If they can not see us, we must not see them right? HAHA

Soon the herd had enough of my antics and started running off. They are quick, even the young are quick! Soon, they were out of range, leaping over sage brush , running through the prairie of the Ochoco Mountains.

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