This Boisduval’s Blue Butterfly is yet another one of our endangered species here in Oregon.

These butterflies rely on the wild Lupine flower to survive. Wild Lupine which is disappearing.

The two butterflies featured here were shot in two different parts of Central Oregon. One spot was the Ochoco Mountains, the other spot was Mt. Jefferson Wilderness area. Now the Ochoco Mountain spot was a short hike in, while the Mt Jefferson Location was a lot more of a hike and the trail had not been traveled much by people.

These shots of mine look as if both males, they stand out because of their pretty blue color. Both were found around water. 

The Oregon State Web site lists these Boisduval’s Blue Butterfly as Fender’s blue butterfly. How confusing is this?? Note, I am not a scientist, schooled etc. I just photograph wildlife and nature. I just capture with my camera what I see, and research all this on the computer. Advice is for you to do your own research.

To my understanding many of the species of these small blue butterflies are becoming rare here in my state of Oregon. The photographs I take are not manipulated by any software, what you see is what came off my camera, this is just my style of photography. A nice video example is here .

These photographs are true examples of what these butterflies look like. I am hoping folks get to know these butterflies so when you see them, you will know what they are and to take the up most care around them. They need to be left alone, not put in a jar, or touched for butterflies do not do well when we play with their wings ect..

My Karner Blue butterfly post can be found here . I am comfortable saying with over 11,000 views this Karner Blue post has been my more popular one to date.

I have many posts of photographs I have captured that I just have not gotten around to post yet. Time permitting I will get more written.

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