Danish Flag Poppy Flower

Previous Next Meet the Danish Flag Poppy Flower! These Poppy Flowers are so pretty it is just neat to see them blooming in the garden! Very flashy! These were grown in 2013. I like the poppy flower , large or small! I just think they are pretty. Yes this is a Papaver Somniferum so if […]

Poppy Flower Blooming

Previous Next This is one species of Poppy Flowers we grow. Big as my hand, perhaps larger and two colors from this group are blooming right now! We allowed this poppy plant to take over one of the corners nearest the smaller pond. Since the slugs like this poppy plant the toads help with eating […]

Honeybees on The Red Poppy Flowers

Previous Next Meet the Honeybees that were on these Poppy Flowers of August 1, 2014! We do seam to be a stopping point for many pollinators during the peak blooming time of the year. This is now March still and we are getting the flower beds ready for 2015 flowering season by pulling weeds, seeding,waiting […]

Poppy Flowers In The Garden

Previous Next Meet the Poppy Flower! Or the salt and pepper shaker flower. One thing all Poppy flowers have in common is the seed pod. When dried they are like salt and pepper shakers! Many of us have learned this from childhood and it is a good way of remembering them! Above photograph is a […]

Honey Bee Coming In For A Landing

Previous Next Hope your weekend was a good one?! Meet the Honey Bee. Many people know the Honey Bee!! The flower of this series is the Poppy Flower. The Honey Bee’s do like the Poppy, specially the red Poppy!! Or the salt and pepper shaker flower! The Honey Bee for being the size it is, […]

Wildflowers of Oregon Shoot Star or Poet’s Shooting Star

Previous Next Never photographing these before. I was quite happy to find these high up in the Ochoco Mountains of Oregon. We found a area of wildflowers blooming and stopping to photograph all the wildflowers in that spot, then thought we should head up to the higher elevation and did so on a narrow dirt […]


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