This is one species of Poppy Flowers we grow. Big as my hand, perhaps larger and two colors from this group are blooming right now!

We allowed this poppy plant to take over one of the corners nearest the smaller pond. Since the slugs like this poppy plant the toads help with eating the slugs. The bottom leaves of this Poppy Plant like to rest on the ground, making such things as slugs a issue for they can just climb right up or hide underneath from the birds we have so many of here.

Overhead watering is a no go. All the different Poppies we grow just can not handle the over head watering once they start blooming. Hence the pond helps to keep the soil moist.

I am sure folks have heard me call the seed pod salt and pepper shaker? This is what the seed pod is like when the seed pod is ripe. Just cut the top there and the tiny seeds can be shaken just like one would a salt or pepper shaker!! Since Poppies are not so basic of a bloom these days, this is also my way of knowing if a fancy Poppy is actually a Poppy. One thing all Poppies have in coming, from basic Poppy to the more fancy Poppies is the seed pod!!

Bee’s, Hoverflies are the most common pollinators I have observed on this large Poppy! This Poppy has doubled in size since we put in it gosh, several years ago now.

Thank you for coming by and checking out my post about this Poppy Flower!

Written in 2015


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