Yellow Legged Frog Of Oregon

Previous Next Meet this rather colorful frog that showed up one day in our small pond! We placed these prefabricated ponds into our natural ponds to conserve on water. Never thought of the species of frogs and toads that would be showing up for me to observe! Just new we needed to do something about […]

Froglet in The High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Froglet , or Baby Frog here in Our pond! This Froglet is the common frog we have. The Pacific Tree Frog has to have a place to lay eggs and for those eggs to grow into adult frogs. Of course the Pacific Tree Frog uses any source of water for this […]

Mud Dauber Wasp in The High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Mud Dauber Wasp that we have at our pond getting what else? Mud! At this stage of the game these Mud Dauber Wasps have never given me any reason to think they are aggressive. They come for the mud provided by this small pond of ours. Never have seen them at […]

Spadefoot Toad Back in Oregon

Previous Next Meet again the Spadefoot Toad that lives here at our property showing up once in a while in our pond. Since our weather has been warm for this time of the year, I started watering. The next morning this Spadefoot Toad was in this fabricated pond. We placed these fabricated ponds into our […]

Dragonfly of the High Desert of Oregon

Previous Next Meet the Dragonfly of our home here in the High Desert of Oregon. Hope you all had a good weekend? We got some things that needed done , done in the garden. Now it is time to start putting out the seeds for the future flowers and the visitors to our garden! Many […]

Bird of Prey Visitor

Previous Next Meet the Bird of Prey that showed up here to the house yesterday! I believe this to be a Coopers Hawk and not the Sharp Shinned Hawk. I believe this is the hawk who shows up from time to time to hunt our small piece of property. Eating on the song birds who […]

Oregon Red Admiral Butterfly

Previous Next Meet the Red Admiral Butterfly. These photographs were taken right here at home on the Raspberry leaves on June 6 , 2014. One thing to note, we grow the Raspberries around our small ponds where the Raspberries can get the water they need here in the High Desert of Oregon without having to […]

Wilson’s Warbler Bird

Previous Next Meet the male Wilson’s Warbler ! This is one of our visitors to the garden and the small pond in 2014! Like a flash this man flew in to get a drink and perhaps something to eat. Being a insect songbird this small bird darts here and there. Stopping for brief times. The […]

Swimming Frog In Oregon

Previous Next Meet one of our frogs that more then likely was born and raised here on our small piece of property! We bought the prefabricated ponds placing them within the natural ponds to save on water. Drought conditions and all, and well we wondered if such things as the frogs would still be able […]

Tadpoles or Pollywogs FROGS

Previous Next Meet the Tadpoles of our pond! We have had the frogs / toads here at the house for some time. Mostly the common species Pacific Tree Frogs. Though when we put in prefabricated ponds to help with the water issue in our area, we found out we have toads here as well! I […]


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