Meet the Tadpoles of our pond! We have had the frogs / toads here at the house for some time. Mostly the common species Pacific Tree Frogs. Though when we put in prefabricated ponds to help with the water issue in our area, we found out we have toads here as well!

I really do not know what species these Tadpoles are? I do have a idea however…… We have two ponds in which we put these prefabricated ponds into the bigger natural ponds. Doing this I learned a little more of the differences of the Tadpoles we have here. These Tadpoles do NOT like to be seen, at least during the day! So I waited for them to come to the top to get their photograph. I like their eyes!! They are this bright yellow, orange color that remind me of the color of a sunrise/sunset! You can see a little of the eyes on the Tadpole that is coming up there on the right. These are also bigger then the other ponds Tadpoles.

This shot is from the other ponds, see the raspberry leaves?? This pond is where the Raspberries are planted. Draping over the water giving shade to that which live in the water. The creatures seam to like this? These photographs were taken on a day in July 2014. With these prefabricated ponds in place, we do still have water in them even though this is now December and these Tadpoles are adults by now.

We are back to the other pond! This one we call the smaller pond. Why? The natural pond is smaller then the other pond is why. This one does not have Raspberries planted , this one has cattails planted. I am always cutting back and puling out the raspberries who really do try to take over the world!! This ponds shade comes from a flowering fruit tree we have growing here in the High Desert of Oregon.

These prefabricated ponds have saved us gallons of water!! During spring , summer and some of fall we do add water to the natural part of the pond, though nothing like we used to !! Since the Tadpoles are doing fine the way we have the ponds in 2014. 2015 things may need to be tweaked, we will see?

This is also one big reason I do not use the agriculture water. That water is run off from the farms and ranches. The frogs, toads, lizards etc.. are having a hard enough time here in Oregon trying to find a environment where they can live. I have been advised not to have fish that will disrupt this environment for the amphibians . Our ponds are just not that big!

The shot above is from the “small pond”.

Technical issues this morning has cut this blog post short.

Thank you for coming by and seeing the photographs from this day in July 2014. I did photograph the development of the Tadpoles in 2014 through out their life. I am sure I will run across the photographs and perhaps make another blog post about them?

Have a great friday and a better weekend!!


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