Meet this rather colorful frog that showed up one day in our small pond!

We placed these prefabricated ponds into our natural ponds to conserve on water. Never thought of the species of frogs and toads that would be showing up for me to observe! Just new we needed to do something about our water usage here on the High Desert of Oregon.

Many folks have noticed and are talking on social media of the frogs and toads they have showing up at any and every water source they have! This is the breeding time of the year for such things! When I hear of folks talking good or bad talk of the frogs and toads at their home I think COOL!

Frogs and Toads are going away people! Unhealthy environments are going to hit the smaller species of this planet first, then climb up the food chain. We being at the top of the food chain. The saying, “Our brothers keeper”, mean different things to different people. To me, this saying is saying , if we do not care for the smaller creatures of this planet, who then is going to care about us? I joke around a lot and being my brothers keeper is a big responsibility. Most people could care less about the small creatures of this planet until whatever kills them, starts in on us…… then is when people take notice. People really need to wake up! Care about something more then yourself.

This frog I am calling a Yellow Legged Frog for the legs are yellow!! Heck the Frogs belly might be yellow as well?? I do not know for these are wild frogs. I do not handle these frogs unless the frog has gotten itself into a situation that could result in death. Then I will step in! Otherwise I could do more harm then good picking these frogs that show up here at home up, handling them! I don’t care how clean you think your hands are, they are not when you are dealing with such creatures as frogs and toads… then the stress factor you are directly causing the creature. Do I ever pick up these wild creatures? Ya, I do….. just not on a normal bases.

Someone I am connected to on twitter and I were talking about allergies just yesterday. How does one know they have allergies? Well sometimes it is easy, while some of us get out there within the allergens as both of us do and we find out …. Some Frogs and Toads secrete a substance when they are stressed, scared and just do not want to be eaten! How does the creature know we are not going to eat them?

Stress is also a killer. Point being , why do this to a creature and to ourselves? Perhaps this frog is fine to pick up, perhaps I will break out in a hive? Perhaps I just do not want to find out and be uncomfortable ?

This frog is also found here in the High Desert of Oregon. So I named this post, “Yellow Legged Frog Of Oregon”. I do not know if this is a Yellow-legged Frog or a Yellow- belly?? It does look as if the yellow extends to the belly but??

At the time I photographed the photographs you are seeing, I have more photographs but trying to limit the photographs to just six. This frog was treading water. You can see the wall of the prefabricated pond. I have yet to see the critters get into this pond, though seen one Toad exit this pond. The other pond has what I call the Pacific Tree frog in it and they have the ability to climb up the sides of these prefabricated ponds. I am thinking this is the pond under our blooming plum tree? Just because of some of the peddles that I had seen floating in the water.

I should not take photographs of both of the ponds on the same day, then I could tell what photograph belongs to what pond…… however wildlife just does not do what we tell wildlife to do and if their is something going on I photograph it right then and there!

I did not observe this frog having the ability to climb the prefabricated ponds wall….. The Spadefoot Toad is unable to climb the prefab walls. The frogs and toads also will hide if they see me sometimes. Sometimes the dogs! The creatures get used to the dogs and I. We put fresh water in the ponds almost everyday. It is not full watering time yet, when the watering cycle gets to two times a day, the ponds will get fresh water two times a day. We after all put the ponds in, not for the creatures who show up – but for our dogs! All the creatures who show up are just a plus. We did not plan for our home to be so active!! Just a nice surprise! We must be doing something right……

The Mastiff dogs we have, English Mastiffs, the dunk their heads into the ponds to clean their jowls off. It is better then wiping it on me!! I do think the tadpoles make use of this…… drool. Yuk right haha!

Here is a close up of when this frog was getting some air before diving back down into the black depths and perhaps cooler water down below? You can see the yellow of the legs under the water. I really like the frogs and toads that show up here myself! I am always telling Guy to watch where he steps and if doing any major yard work with the weed eater, or what not I tell him, (no I ask Guy, telling him anything never goes over well haha), first let the frogs know by just giving them a chance to hop away!

During the winter it snows here. The frogs take shelter where ever they can hide for the winter. Under rocks, they do come inside! They were also found in the hole of our main water shut off valve hibernating. At the times of such vulnerability I will pick these creatures up and move them typically to my plant room that keeps warm all year around. Where they go from there I am not positive. Some make use of a cooling system Guy installed. Must stay warm enough for them in the winter??

I also actively look and smell for garden snakes. Garden Snakes have a odor that just down right stinks ha! They can wipe out my population of frogs and toads in no time!! This is also the, “no cat zone”. Cats can do some damage to frogs and toads as well. The frogs and toads outside the fence I have no control over. These are after all wild animals who can come and go as they please.

Thank you for coming by and checking out this Yellow Legged Frog Of Oregon. I am curious as to what this frog really is? If you know the positive identification drop me a line, and I am on social media in the mornings.

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