Landscape of The High Desert

scene down in the canyon 084

Previous Next Welcome to The High Desert of Oregon! If in the USA hope you had a good holiday weekend! Some of us choose to live here for the scenic beauty of our area. If you choose to visit our area I sure hope you ask around to find our hidden jems of Jefferson County […]

Visit To The Ochoco Mountains

18 Taylors checkerspot butterfly 334

Previous Next One place we like to get lost in is the Ochoco Mountains of Oregon! We arrived early Sunday morning. A little chilly, somewhere in the 30’s f.. I was grateful I brought warm cloths and our heater worked fine! I hope to get this post done sometime this week of June 15th 2015! […]

Hiking Mt Jefferson Wilderness Cascade Mountains Oregon

mount jefferson wilderness t

Previous Next Welcome to my write up with my photography about hiking this trail up in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness ! We have hiked this trail several times, I will do write ups on each of these times. Showing of course the photography of each of our hikes! This day started early for early is […]

Campfire On The Trail

Previous Next These photographs were taken on one of our hikes into the mountains we have here in Oregon!  When I first  shared my photography over at  posterous, (remember that place, I loved that place), all I would really write is just a brief description of my photographs and what is going on that day. […]

Swallowtail Butterfly On The Orange Lily Flower

yellowtail butterfly on the orange lily flower 1677

Previous Next Our Lily flowers got a visitor! This Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly! I think the Swallowtails come to the Lily patch for drinks myself! Even though we try hard not to over head water the Lily flowers! Getting a drink is what this Swallowtail Butterfly looks like it is doing to me! The Yellow of […]

Checkered Skipper Butterfly In The High Desert

Previous Next Meet the Checkered Skipper Butterfly! This skipper Butterfly is a common Skipper here in our area. The area in which I was for these photographs is a marshy area. If you are not careful where you step you may get wet! This is part of a gully that we have here in our […]

Adventure in the Canyon

Previous Next As some who follow along on twitter know, I headed out Sunday into the canyon. Typically Guy comes along however he had chores to do and took me the ten minutes away which takes me hours to walk. That cut down so much time just having him drive me to the side of […]

Morning With A Muskrat

Previous Next Meet the Muskrat of the High Desert of Oregon! I headed off as every morning when I go on a walk here in our town. Checking my camera bag and choosing which lens to bring with me, knowing it will never be the right lens ha! Choosing whether to carry the heavy water […]

Antelope Herd Ochoco Mountains Oregon

Previous Next As morning was breaking high up in the Ochoco Mountains we came across this herd of Antelope. Of course I always look for the buck. Not just because of being charged at rutting time, but it is just good sense too. I try and center him in a photo when I find him. […]

Closed Henderson Flat OHV Trail System Oregon

Closed. One thing we deal with here when out taking photographs. Roads are closed here, trails and some roads are closed to campers and such. GPS systems may have a road on them, but if they are open or even good roads around here, is a different story!! 2010


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