Meet the Checkered Skipper Butterfly! This skipper Butterfly is a common Skipper here in our area.

The area in which I was for these photographs is a marshy area. If you are not careful where you step you may get wet! This is part of a gully that we have here in our town. I have hiked quite far in this gully and it just keeps going and going! Not all this gully has water, though more then on top does!

The Skipper Butterflies are called Skippers for how they seam to, “skip”, as they fly.  All Skipper Butterflies have the body structure you see above. This is how you break down this species of Butterfly when identification is needed.

This Checkered Skipper Butterfly was not feeding, but seamed to be sunning itself in the shot above? All Butterflies tend to use us as kind of a shield when hiking. The Butterflies tend to flutter around us, my theory is so the birds will stay away?? If you have noticed I have a lot of Butterfly Photographs, many more then I share! Identification on my part takes me a lot of my time…..There are so many Butterflies!!

Thank you for coming by and checking out my photographs of this this Checkered Skipper Butterfly!

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