Swallowtail Butterfly On The Orange Lily Flower

yellowtail butterfly on the orange lily flower 1677

Previous Next Our Lily flowers got a visitor! This Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly! I think the Swallowtails come to the Lily patch for drinks myself! Even though we try hard not to over head water the Lily flowers! Getting a drink is what this Swallowtail Butterfly looks like it is doing to me! The Yellow of […]

White Lily Blooms

Previous Next Meet the white Lily Bloom ! This Lily is just one of the Lilies in our Lily Patch! The white Lilies add a touch of color to the patch! The Lily Patch has grown rather full so I dug up one of the clusters and moved them to the front just the other […]

Sand Lily Growing in Jefferson County Oregon

Previous Next Meet the Sand Lily! This beautiful wild flower is just one that blooms here in the High Desert of Oregon, the county of Jefferson County Oregon. Overlooked by many for it blooms as you can see very low to the ground. We do know of a spot that these do bloom and our […]

White Lily Flower Bloom

Previous Next Meet our White Lily Flower that is part of our Lily patch. Since Guy is home I asked him the name of this Lily to see if he could remember the name for everything has a name. Na he did not remember. We have had this blooming for several years now. I pulled […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! 2015 is a brand new year as the lily bud above who will be opened soon. Make the 2015 a good one!!

Swallowtail Butterflies and The Lily Flowers

Previous Next The swallowtail Butterfly is a larger species of butterfly we have here on our small plot of land. This is about the Swallowtail Butterflies on the Lily Flowers, my first post in this series was “the Swallowtail on the Zinnia Flowers”. From my own observations the Zinnia Flowers are a much more popular […]

Wildflowers of Oregon Shoot Star or Poet’s Shooting Star

Previous Next Never photographing these before. I was quite happy to find these high up in the Ochoco Mountains of Oregon. We found a area of wildflowers blooming and stopping to photograph all the wildflowers in that spot, then thought we should head up to the higher elevation and did so on a narrow dirt […]


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