The swallowtail Butterfly is a larger species of butterfly we have here on our small plot of land.

This is about the Swallowtail Butterflies on the Lily Flowers, my first post in this series was “the Swallowtail on the Zinnia Flowers”.

From my own observations the Zinnia Flowers are a much more popular flower to the Swallowtail butterfly however we had so many Swallowtail Butterflies here at the house nothing was left untouched by them!

Because of these beauties paying attention to our Lily Patch we did have the Lily pollinated which tickled us!

As I have said though, the Zinnia Flowers were much more popular so I had planted other kinds of flowers near the Lily Patch. The flowers plants were Marigold Flowers, Gladiolus Flower, Moss Rose Flowers, Dahlia flowers, and the Iris Flower Patch plus our Lilacs are near. I felt planting these other flowers helped the Swallowtail on their journey to the Lily Patch!

As you can see we have several species of Lily Flowers in our Lily Patch. We personally like seeing the different species of Lily Flowers bloom and find their needs so far have been similar. This year (2014), we have introduced “Lily of the valley”, some feet away from the main Lily Patch to see how they do.

This Red Lily Flower was not that popular. I got the photographs as I could. When I did see a Swallowtail Butterfly on the Red Colored Lily Flowers it was a big deal to me!

I did observe this behavior on this Lily Flower often and feel the Swallowtail Butterfly felt it was a good place to get a drink more so then pollination efforts.

When photographing such things as the Swallowtail Butterfly I do water first. SHSHSH this is a trick to attract such things as Swallowtail Butterflies! NOT good for some flowers. Meaning overhead watering some flower species like this does nothing good for the flower! One thing that may happen is rot, specially in some of the wetter climates. So, take this advice or leave it and just remember you have been warned!

The most popular Lily Flower with the Swallowtail Butterflies we have had here at the house are those Lily Flowers I have photographed the most of. Color I feel have a HUGE thing to do with what species of Lily Flowers the Swallowtail Butterfly are attracted to! Just by my endless hours of observation.

The conclusion of this is, if you want to attract Swallowtail Butterflies to the Lily Flowers without going through trial and error might be to plant the brighter colors of Lily. Orange,pink, flashy. Not dark colors as Red.

Thank you for coming by and spending time with me!

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