Sand Lily Growing in Jefferson County Oregon

Previous Next Meet the Sand Lily! This beautiful wild flower is just one that blooms here in the High Desert of Oregon, the county of Jefferson County Oregon. Overlooked by many for it blooms as you can see very low to the ground. We do know of a spot that these do bloom and our […]

Mount Jefferson Oregon

Previous Next Meet Mount. Jefferson on the Cascade Mountain range here in Oregon! Mount Jefferson just happens to also be our counties namesake, Jefferson County Oregon. Being in Bend Oregon I recall telling the lady just point me in the direction of our mountain and I can get us home ha! Not being from the […]

Ruby-crowned Kinglet Washing Himself

Previous Next One of the small birds who have been here before showed up, the only difference this time is….. the little bird perched not far from me! Folks who keep up with my photography know home is where the heart is and I spend a lot of my time just watching the visitors show […]

Red-breasted Nuthatch by Coralie

Previous Next We had yet another visitor to the garden just the other day! I do not believe I have seen this little one here before in Jefferson Count Oregon? We are a small town here and not exactly a spot to find such a bird. However we did have another species of woodpecker show […]

Jefferson County Oregon

Previous Next What is interesting to me, got me thinking (oh oh she is thinking again ha), we are central Oregon BUT we are not central Oregon.  We are not included in many central Oregon happenings. People think of Bend and Redmond when thinking of Central Oregon. Why is this to the outside world? Because […]


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