One of the small birds who have been here before showed up, the only difference this time is….. the little bird perched not far from me!

Folks who keep up with my photography know home is where the heart is and I spend a lot of my time just watching the visitors show up.

This day was no different. Watching the common birds here and there and taking my photographs, though just watching and listening I can do this for hours waiting for a bird to impress me. Well this little man impressed me!

One of the small birds who have been here before showed up, the only difference this time is….. the little bird perched not far from me!

Quick little birds! So when he was in range and not way up on top of the tree I was pretty happy. He did threaten to fly off, but felt he needed to wash himself off. This is the series of shots I photographed. This Ruby-crowned Kinglet washing himself.

I do not hide when I am photographing the birds here at home, they know I am here.

When this Ruby-crowned Kinglet flashed his color all this was happening so fast I thought his color was a leaf or something else in the December, winter tree. When in the photography “zone”, I dont stop to see what photograph I have when photographing such a quick little bird as the Ruby-crowned Kinglet is!

When I read these Ruby-crowned Kinglet can actually starve to death in one hour, due to how much energy they spend just living. I thought you know, capturing one of these birds would be most cruel! How someone would capture one was my next thought ha! This is due to my research seeing someone holding one of these birds in a photo.

Typically seeing these birds in the apple tree, way on top of the apple tree! Fluttering around up there grabbing bugs is what it looks like to me what they are doing? I have observed quite a few at the apple tree, at that time I just figured there had to be a nest somewhere? Though this series of photographs was taken just a couple weeks ago and only this one was seen.

This Ruby-crowned Kinglet was cute to watch him clean himself. Someone told me they have dozens of these at their house and this is cool!! I do disagree with the things I have heard and read about the Ruby-crowned Kinglet only showing color during breeding season and/or at times of aggression.

From my observations of this little man cleaning himself, he felt secure on the little limbs he was on and it may have felt good having a good clean? I do also believe it when I read these are the smallest songbirds in North America! They really are small birds!

Keep in mind these photographs and this Ruby-crowned Kinglet came, cleaned himself and went within… 5 minutes?? I am sure he took off to find something to eat after he left this spot?

I do have some links for you to check out if you wish?

Wikipedia is always a nice place to check out! Make sure to read all the links!

Without fail I always check out the State of Oregon site ; Which lead me to this link to hear the Ruby-crowned Kinglet

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