What is interesting to me, got me thinking (oh oh she is thinking again ha), we are central Oregon BUT we are not central Oregon.  We are not included in many central Oregon happenings. People think of Bend and Redmond when thinking of Central Oregon.

Why is this to the outside world? Because we are rather up here on our own. We have our own newspaper (very small and very restricted as to how the flavor tastes), our phone book if by itself is so small that it incorporates other towns. Even towns we call long distance too ha.

Many small towns all wrapped up into Jefferson County Oregon. The Warm Springs Reservation is also here and many Native Americans are found here….. obviously.

We are unique, very spread out. Not quite 22,000 people live in all of Jefferson County Oregon.

We are the 3rd fastest growing county in the state, not sure why?? Since the economy here is horrible and people are moving out in droves.

There are more males then female, which is no big surprise. If you can not live on $36,000 a year, then this might not be a good place to move too since that is around the average income here. Women make a lot less then men.

We have more unincorporated towns/cities then cooperated into Madras Oregon. We do have several historical places here, most are not on the registry.

We have 112,357 acres of national lands and parts of over another 3 million acres that we share with other counties. Not including the Warm Springs Reservation.

We have Lake Billy Chinook which is my personal favorite place and other places to visit here. Agriculture is prominent industry here which consist on over 60,000 of irrigated lands. The Warm Springs Reservation is the biggest “privately” owned business here. Biggest land owners are The Warm Springs Reservation and the Forest Service.

Fishing, hunting, rock climbing, boating,camping, rock hunting (I just know I missed something there), are what people come here to do. Did I mention hunting and fishing?? HUGE here.

Living here as a wildlife and nature photographer is great! We have so much wildlife here! We have protected species that are hard to find anywhere else! Basically walk out your door! Scientists of quite a few disciplines can be found here and usually a sign will be posted as to not touch whatever and why whatever is set up. 

Some private land owners here have so much land they put signs up as to stay on the public road for everything you see is owned. History is everywhere. Politics are messed up big time and many people here are not wanting to change. We have our prominent people here who like everywhere else can make or break a person, business etc.. We also have several who have private ranches here who just fly in , they may or may not live here full time.These people blend in and you never know who you are going to walk by on the streets, or see in the store.

I hope you liked my write up on Jefferson County Oregon, the place we live.


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