sweat bee on a Ozark Sundrop Flower

Previous Next Photographed this sweat bee feeding on the Ozark Sundrop flower the other morning. This is a vary good growing and flowering primrose that I think we got in one of those wildflower mixes?? One of my sundrops is over six feet tall! If thinking of growing this flower make sure you pay attention […]

Bumblebees Are Back

Previous Next The blooming of the flowers brings such things as the Bumblebees! This Bumblebee is working on our Lupine Flowers. Round and round the Bumblebee goes! One thing you can be sure of is? These Bumblebee’s are to hard at work to really care that we are watching! At times the Bumblebee’s will fly […]

Taylors Checkerspot Butterfly

Taylor's checkerspot butterfly 481

Previous Next Meet the Taylor’s checkerspot Butterfly! I photographed this colorful Butterfly feeding on one of the wildflowers found here in Oregon. This Taylor’s Checkerspot Butterfly is a endangered species. You can read more about this status and the few locations this Taylor’s Checkerspot Butterfly has been documented as being. Read more at the Oregon […]

Mylitta Crescent Butterfly And Beatles

Previous Next This caught my attention while out and about on one of my walks here in town! This Mylitta Crescent Butterfly and these Beatles on this weed flower feeding. Of course having this many Beatles in one place may not be something this farmer wants to see on his valuable crops? However on the […]

Central Oregon Garden Spider

Previous Next Meet the garden spider that set up shop in our corn! Some folks may or may not realize but coming up with things to write about and show you sometimes gets hard! I thank the person who gave me the idea to write about and show this spider (even though I do understand […]

Western Tanager Visiting The Garden

Previous Next Meet the Western Tanager! One of the more flashier birds who have visited us here in our part of the High Desert of Oregon. Primarily a insect eater, this Western Tanager also likes the fruit, such as our raspberries! This Western Tanager is near our raspberries checking out the situation. Though one of […]

Yellow-Rumped Warbler Bird

Previous Next This Warbler stopped in to check out what was here to eat and to get a drink. He did notice that someone was watching him, and the click of the camera usually gets my subjects attention. They are not sure what that clicking is ! Up in the tree looking down on me […]

Life on The Columbine Flower

Previous Next Meet the Columbine Flower and the pollinators the Columbine attract to your garden! Many of us gardeners are getting ready for the season of outdoor flower beds and vegetable beds. We are no different! The excitement of colors, smells and the visitors can get overwhelming for some of us! Specially those who are […]

Bachelor Button Flower and The Hoverfly

Previous Next Meet the Hoverfly. This is one of the species of Hoverflys we have here at home. The flower in which the Hoverfly is working on is the Bachelor Button Flower or the Cornflower I notice in Europe (or my European friends call them the Cornflower). The Bachelor Button Flower or Corn Flower is […]

Honey Bee Coming In For A Landing

Previous Next Hope your weekend was a good one?! Meet the Honey Bee. Many people know the Honey Bee!! The flower of this series is the Poppy Flower. The Honey Bee’s do like the Poppy, specially the red Poppy!! Or the salt and pepper shaker flower! The Honey Bee for being the size it is, […]


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