Meet the garden spider that set up shop in our corn!

Some folks may or may not realize but coming up with things to write about and show you sometimes gets hard! I thank the person who gave me the idea to write about and show this spider (even though I do understand some folks are not real thrilled with spiders. A sibling of mine is included in this category). I still jumped right onto the idea this person gave me, if the person knows they gave me the idea or not!

Being organic I do rely on such help from insects such as this spider! Rather a larger spider compared to some other spiders we have here! This spider is not in the category of the Black Widow or that Brown Recluse we have in our part of the country so this spider is ok in my book! Plus it was in the corn, the corn we grew just for the birds.

Rule of thumb here at the house is if you can hurt me you can not set up shop. This spider just does not fit into that category either!

Thank you for coming by and checking out this garden spider! Of course I really do not know what species this spider is, I just know I photographed it where it should be ~ in the garden!

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