Meet the Taylor’s checkerspot Butterfly! I photographed this colorful Butterfly feeding on one of the wildflowers found here in Oregon.

This Taylor’s Checkerspot Butterfly is a endangered species. You can read more about this status and the few locations this Taylor’s Checkerspot Butterfly has been documented as being. Read more at the Oregon Fish & Wildlife Office website .

I found this Taylor’s Checkerspot Butterfly near a running river. A running river where a prairie of wildflowers were blooming. I look for water and I look for wildflowers. This method I use is something everyone can do! Butterflies are like any other wild animal, they need curtain things to survive. The river had marshy areas near it, a place for the Butterflies to drink at. Though I did find one poor soul who succumbed to the water, there were others around!

When out and about photographing such things as Butterflies it is good to look around, what kinds of tree’s are around. If any? What wildflowers are blooming, what time of the year did you see whatever at the location you are at. Water, or the lack of. I personally take of course photographs! I keep all original photographs in a archive of date, location (this way Guy can take me right back to the location), time stamp helps.

Since I am one of the folks who do not carry about a cell phone, or gosh any of these kinds of things we do to rely on what has now became known as, “old school methods”. Heck we are not even sure these new toys out these days are accessible to some of the locations we tend to be at??

We do not always hike far in. If we do not need to why? One spot I recall that was just teaming with Butterflies as we found out is a none camping spot. Running into a family who stopped us to ask if we were going to camp at the location. Finding out the family just lives in the next town south of us. A little surprising since we were deep in the Ochoco Mountains at the time.

Point being? Never know where Butterflies are going to be!! Water and a food supply. I would think this is the same in a city?? Or a heavy human populated place? I can comfortably say the area in which I photographed this Taylors Checkerspot Butterfly was a area we did not see any people at, or around. We tend to go all day long without seeing anyone on a good majority of outings we take. This does not mean you can not find Butterflies where you are at!

Even if we are driving to a destination I look out my window and if I see a place full of Butterflies (you can see the Butterflies flying here and there if you look), I ask Guy to stop. Guy no longer asks why, we just stop. Mind you while in the mountains here in Oregon, even the rural places Guy does not drive the speed limit in most places! Guy now knows at any time I may ask him to stop so he tends to drive under the speed limit.

We found out if we are on one of the big ranches, the roads are public and the homes typically were built near the roads. These ranchers seam to like it when you drive by their places so you do not kick up the dust. If their livestock or pets are out in the road you are more apt to be able to stop for them if you are driving at a slow pace.

Actually we now have a joke between us. I am nervous when Guy drives fast so anything over say 20 miles a hour I joke with him asking, “where is the fire”? Hey this wildlife photography thing is not always the most exciting thing there ever was you know haha – we tend to make our own entertainment! HA

If you are up in the mountains of Oregon, slow down look around. Never know what you may see, or even photograph!

Thank you for coming by and checking out my photographs of this Taylor’s Checkerspot Butterfly !

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